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    HSAT MK1 ?

    Apart from a loss of a nut and bolt, that's a lovely HSAT.
  2. TinLid

    HSAT MK1 ?

    Yep, Mk1 HSAT, fibre rim, if you want to sell it for petty cash I'll buy it. But I can assure you, you will get considerably more than petty cash. A few more pics would be good though, date, pic of outside rear, chin cup. Thanks for showing.
  3. You can pick them up from £45-120 in the UK.
  4. A nice standard British army Mk2, date 41/42.
  5. An Mk1 HSRAC (Helmets, Steel, Royal Armoured Corps) British made, but as it has an Canadian liner, maybe the flash is Canadian too.
  6. TinLid


    Here's a few.
  7. TinLid


    DC, Decontamination, white initials on black helmet?
  8. Looks like something out of doctor who. Very nice and collectable, and rare.
  9. I'd go British helmet, refurbished/used by the Greeks.
  10. What lovely items and condition.
  11. Known Heat Stamp Marks of M1917 shells. UC. YJ. ZA. ZB. ZC. ZD. ZE. ZF. ZH. ZJ. So ZC-305 thought to belong to Columbian Enameling & Stamping Co. Known M1917 Helmet Liner Manufacturers Stamp Marks. Leatherwear Co of America - Brooklyn - New York. A.J.Bates - Webster - Massachusetts. L.C.C.&.Co - 1917. R.H.Long.&.Co - 1917. A.E.Little Co - Boston. F.M.H.S. Co
  12. Thought some of you might like a look at this 1945 dated Mk4. For me, although being made during the war, it probably never saw active service before hostilities ended,& as such does not come into my collecting sphere. These first Mk4's were produced from early 1945 until January 1946,it has an Mk3 liner & Mk4 chin strap.
  13. They often come up on Australian ebay.
  14. Helmet looks to be an BMB made one, date/maker name should be vertical to the rim at the rear inside, sometimes an imprint can be seen showing through on the outside.
  15. Yes, it's an Mk3, rivet instead of an nut and bolt might be due to a couple of things. Nut and bolt got lost, and a quick repair done,WW2 or post?? Or maybe an Mk3 liner was added post war, as seen on the post war Mk4, but probably the first option.
  16. These are WW2 British home front used helmets, I'm pretty sure for the thousands who worked in large factories. Very basic construction, no liner or nut and bolt, just rubber glued to the inside, chin straps either leather or webbing riveted to the helmet. The rim is called a Dutch bend where it is rolled under. Not to many around compared to a normal Mk2.
  17. Here's a bit of info: The American M1917 helmet shells were pressed and stamped into bowl shapes by 7 company's they were. E.G.Budd. Manufaturing Co - Philadelphia - Pennsylvania. Sparks Withington Co - Jackson - Michigan. Crosby Co - Buffalo - New York. Bossett Corporation - Utica - New York. Columbian Enameling & Stamping Co - Terre Haute - Indiana. Worchester Pressed Steel Co - Worchester - Massachusetts. Benjamin Electric Co - Des Plaines - Illinois. The steel for the M1917 helmets was rolled by the American Sheet and Tin Plate Co and were stamped with a Heat No and Shipment No. The helmet liners were made by 10 Shoe Manufacturing Company's, the shells and liners would be delivered to the plant of Ford Motor Co of Philadelphia were they were painted and assembled. Known Heat Stamp Marks of M1917 shells. UC. YJ. ZA. ZB. ZC. ZD. ZE. ZF. ZH. ZJ. So ZC-305 thought to belong to Columbian Enameling & Stamping Co.
  18. Quite often seen, a fake date put on an post war liner, which is a shame, as it is now not one thing or the other. On the rubber buffers of the liner which face the inside of the helmet, are there serial numbers on them?
  19. I would say the helmet was refurbished post war, repainted and with new liner. That liner maker is a post war one, late 40's early 50's, a good give away is the size and broad arrow on the cruciform pad.
  20. Would need closer pictures of the paint work, but suspect this is a post war repaint as dark brown wasn't used until 1943, but yours might have slipped into that category. The liner might be WW2, or late 40's early 50's.
  21. TinLid

    Warden Helmet

    Due to a long series run, he wore warden, post warden, head warden and district warden.
  22. TinLid

    Warden Helmet

    Not just any warden, an post warden.