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  1. R&S


    Hi, Do you have some pictures? Greetings, Rudi
  2. The liner of this helmet is to chine to be leather, so i think sure not Belgium. Gr. Rudi
  3. Hello, For sure not a Belgium Helmet, because the rim is inox, and the Belgian rims are from iran. I Think it's a Greek helmet made from a MKii helmet. The dimple on the outside of the helmet looks indeed for a belgian helmet, please give some better pictures of this. Greetings, Rudi
  4. The flash on the helmet is possible Royal Welsh Fuseliers
  5. The only markings in these helmets are coming from the steel surppliers. Z B is unknow for me, the only B i know is from Bury's Co Ltd Sheffield ( 1916-1918 ) or BS W.Beardmore & Co Ltd of Glasgow ( 1916-1919 ) GR. Rudi
  6. Hello Hunter, Something wrong in my reply, sorry for that. Can you take some pictures of the inside of the liner, the bold and nutt and the chinstrap attachtments. Thanks, Gr, Rudi
  7. Hello, Can you please take pictures of the helmet, MKI, Brodi? Gr. Rudi
  8. Hello, The markings in the schell is a problem, but the liner markings are TTC, Teddy Toy Co ltd., the make de liners from 1939 til 1942. Even so a nice originel helmet, the nutt and bold likes canadian, but i'm nut chore Greetings, Rudi
  9. Hello, For me unknown ! Greetings, Rudi
  10. Hello, Seems like a MKIII helmet. Gr. Rudi
  11. Hello, A nice MKII helmet, the maker of the schell is Joseph Sankey&Sons Ltd Bilston ( 1938-1941 ) For the size you must look on one of the liner straps, you will find the date,maker and size ( 7 1/4 or 7 1/2 or 7 3/4 ) Sorry for my bad englisch writing, Greeting, Rudi
  12. Hello Gents, I will share my latest helmet in my collection. Left behind after the libiration of Kruishoutem ( Belgium, East-Flanders ) and now find on a ceiling after al these years in a Original chape!! The helmet is a Canadian G.S.W. 1941 and the liner a V.M.C. 1943, the flash is from the Britich 3de Division. For me, a sleeping beauty,and one of my best in collection so far. I will post more picks. Greetings, Rudi
  13. Hello Pharaoh, The marking YJ was a heat stamp of the steel supplieer for this M1917 helmet. Greetings, Rudi
  14. Hello Jason, I think ? The flash is from the WWI US 77 division. The marckings on the helmet are from the steel surpliers. Greetings, Rudi ( brodi )