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  1. Thanks 2Black Bands for your replay. Is the book of helmets of the home front already for sale ? Greetings, Rudi
  2. Hoi TinLid, thanks for replay. Maybe this one for the the MKIII turtle helmets? Greetings, Rudi
  3. It's a F.F.L. 1954 Fisher Foil. Ltd.
  4. Hello, Question to all, how long dit they make this mkii liners? I have a MKII liner of 1954. Anybody any nothings? Mvgr, Rudi
  5. Sorry, must be POST_WAR !!! Gr.
  6. It's on a Belgium helmet. ( pre-war ) A friend has find him in a basement, i think Rich can be right about a cargo net, the Belgium army have no camo netting like this. Thanks for all the replays. Greetings, Rudi
  7. Hello Members, Anyone nows this kind of camo-netting ? Thanks already, R&S
  8. Hallo, Maybe is this helmet a personel made helmet. Probelly for the first years of the defencing for the konvoi chips? They have no helmets,so, the most of the sailers bought a helmet, maybe sutch a helmet? Sorry for my bad English writing Greetings, Rudi
  9. Hello brodie, nice helmet,MKI for sure. I think,the most air-raide or home-front helmets are painting black, because for the darkness. Even so, they used army-helmets als well, it's wat you can get at that moment! Please excuses me, if the info is not right, and sorry for my bad engilsh writing. Greetings, Rudi
  10. Markings on the bottom are K.F. 55 and a broud Arrow on the side of the liner attachment.
  11. Hello, Help wanted with this strange ammo-box. It's british, but ww2 or not? It was found jears ago on een seller of a old house in Belgium. The case is black ( armod vehiceles ? ) Thanks already for any info. Greetings, Rudi
  12. Sorry I Think under a wrong subitem!! Must be weapens……..