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  1. Sorry, bud thanks for replay. Greetings, Rudi
  2. Hello, Thanks already for info, i dont now if it can be post war? I try to take pictures of the markings, but this is the best with my celphone, sorry Greetings, Rudi
  3. Dear Members, I have this (c)overall,coming from a former airfield ww2 It's verry stiff,rubberised, anyone a clou what this is,mechanic,fireman? Markings broud-arrow, 1943,1945? i will send more pictures. Thanks, Rudi
  4. Thanks 2Black Bands for your replay. Is the book of helmets of the home front already for sale ? Greetings, Rudi
  5. Hoi TinLid, thanks for replay. Maybe this one for the the MKIII turtle helmets? Greetings, Rudi
  6. It's a F.F.L. 1954 Fisher Foil. Ltd.
  7. Hello, Question to all, how long dit they make this mkii liners? I have a MKII liner of 1954. Anybody any nothings? Mvgr, Rudi
  8. Sorry, must be POST_WAR !!! Gr.
  9. It's on a Belgium helmet. ( pre-war ) A friend has find him in a basement, i think Rich can be right about a cargo net, the Belgium army have no camo netting like this. Thanks for all the replays. Greetings, Rudi
  10. Hello Members, Anyone nows this kind of camo-netting ? Thanks already, R&S