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  1. Hello, The markingstamp FKS can be from the steelsupplier T.Firth&sons Ltd of Sheffield, between 1916/1918, also now under FS or F , the 31 can be a lotnumber? Nice relic Greetings Rudi
  2. Hello, The BELGIUM mkii clones have always a sunken pressing in the schell for the nut and bold, this is typical for the Belgium helmets. Greetings
  3. Hello Susie, i most disappoint you with the schell, it's a American helmet WW1, with the heat-stamps ZD ( 1917 ) The attachment's for the chinstrap are solid rivet, the Britsh made brodies are split rivet You can take a look by the sub-forum ( the brodie Helmets and its devirates ) Greetings, Rudi
  4. Greetings, and a verry new year! Rudi
  5. Thanks, Now i know that my other leather pair of knee-pats are airborne to.( see topic strange knee-pats) Bout came from the same person. Greetings and a verry Christmas to al of you Rudi
  6. Hello gents, These are paratroopers knee pat's. Leather construction with leather covered padde interior. Greetings and a verry Christmas to al, Rudi
  7. Hello Gents, I have find it!! These pad's are for the artillery men, see on the right leg on the picture. Greetings, Rudi
  8. Hello Jerry,

    I 'm a small British collector, but i 'm collecting the Brodie-helmets and the Clones on marking-stamps,schell ,  liner and country, WWi and WWII.

    My question for you, is this a Surplus Value? in my collection.

    Greetings,  Rudi ( Belgium )

  9. Thanks Jerry, These are coming from the same person as the unknow knee-patch's. Sorry, I have no further info. Greetings, Rudi
  10. Dear Gents, I have a pair of unknow gaiters? Somebody any idea of use? Both are marking with B.H.G. 1944 and broud-arrow Thanks already ; Greetings, Rudi
  11. Hello , Here a test photo from my new toy,a bren MKI 1943 It's a deactivaded one by The Birmingham Gun Barrel Proof House Greetings, Rudi
  12. Indeed, a VERBLIVA dutch clone-helmet, only used for civilian purpesses. Greetings, Rudi
  13. Thanks Jerry for letting us now about thad purple inkstamps. Regards, R&S ( Rudi )
  14. Hello JC, Nice helmet with a Canadian liner. Only the color of the broud-Arrow on the chintrap looks strange! normaly black i think. Greate addition for your collection ! Greetings, R&S
  15. Hello JC, Nice helmet with a original red liner of VERO. Thanks for schowing on the site . R&S