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  1. Amiklic1

    My naval daggers and swords

    Artistic view of my KM daggers
  2. Amiklic1

    My naval daggers and swords

    When I'm already in the mood, let's put some more. Hope you will love it. Austro-Hungarian Mannlicher M-95 bayonet, as was also used in K.u.K. Kriegsmarine. Minty piece with some nice items aside... Two Mannlicher M-95s, the one for soldiers/sailors and one fro NCOS (with hook on the crossgusrd) together with M-1924 Royal Yugoslav one, which was also used in the Navy.
  3. Amiklic1

    My naval daggers and swords

    One strange early piece from my collection. Royal Yugoslav M1924 Mk I dagger. I got it from a family of a sailor, and it was hanging on the wall in their home for more than 50 years. Interesting fact is that it came with police scabbard, but in pure copper material, while naval daggers should be with brass ones. Also, police scabbards were nickel plated copper. It's missing the pommel but it's very early and interesting piece, so I am keeping it as it came to me.
  4. Amiklic1

    My naval daggers and swords

    Hi folks, a few more photos from my collection. This type a few artistic photos of details etc... I really love blades, can't wait to find some I still miss to bring them over ;-) First a pair of Adol Brauns, made by Alcoso. Second, Independent state of Croatia, WW2 period, German allies. Left is a NCO one, right is an officer's one, with respective hangers aside. Daggers are rare, hangers and portepees are extremely rare (today I have original Croatian portepee on the right one).
  5. Amiklic1

    KM Collection - Display

    Great collection with nicely choosen items inside. It's always nice to browse through pages, thanks John one more time for your effort to present us all of it.
  6. Amiklic1

    KM and naval collection from Croatia

    Very good start of a new year guys!!! I have just won this magnificent and extremely rare piece. I was looking for one for years, and it's a huge step forward to collect all cloth insignia used in Kriegsmarine for me. Hope you like it at least partly as I do ;-)
  7. I am not a fan of restorations, but this one I couldn't look like it was. Optics are great and clean, no delamination so it deserves a new life. It's fully restored with attention to the smallest part. I scraped all of the paint, applied new primer paint and appropriate RAL as KM was using. The result is, I agree, a bit too sterile and does not have a real historical feel, but I love it better than the old trashy one with many layers of thick paint over the original one and many damages.
  8. Amiklic1

    KM and naval collection from Croatia

    Thank you all for nice words guys. I'll keep on building the collection and will share new nice items when they come.
  9. Amiklic1

    KM and naval collection from Croatia

    This also was nice and affordable set, from the same seller: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Sprechgarnitur-Kriegsmarine-Kuestenartillerie-Nr1-/181973086858?hash=item2a5e70f28a%3Ag%3A3rQAAOSwo3pWfsLt&nma=true&si=XC%252FMBxaeKLTSmtN6sMmUI2OmRaY%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557#ht_139wt_1363 He sold it before I could decide to throw a dice and buy 2nd set for myself :-(
  10. After previous owner wanted to throw this piece away as it was in really bad shape, I bought it for cheap as it was found on our coast and restored it to KM grey color. It is fully working piece, cleaned and pampered now. I know it is not restored into it's original color, but as it's taken from the trash bin, I am happy to have it like this for my display.
  11. Amiklic1

    KM and naval collection from Croatia

    And one more extremely rare item, bad weather Austro-Hungarian naval jacket which belonged to SM U-40 crew member. It's dated 1918 inside and is in perfect shape for such an old garment.
  12. Amiklic1

    KM and naval collection from Croatia

    And this rare beauty also landed into my war room recently. Royal Yugoslav naval officer's sword, 2nd model in quite nice shape. I was looking this one for 3 years, and it finally came. And it was found in my town, which brings bigger smile ;-)
  13. Amiklic1

    KM and naval collection from Croatia

    Hi guys! For a New Year present to myself, I have just acquired C37e Scprechgarnitur from 1942, with adapter cable to connect it to Kriegsmarine FF33 field telephone. Not very rare pice but anyway I was looking to find an affordable one fro quite a long time, to fill my KM communications equipment sub-collection.
  14. Hardhatdiver on eBay, name is Marc Cohen, very honourable collector whose pieces are also published in Angolia's books.
  15. Amiklic1

    KM and naval collection from Croatia

    Hi guys, not much going on recently but I found one nice and rare photo from my area of interest. First German "tourists" on Vis island in Adriatic, in 1945, in the town of Komiza. Germans never, in fact, dared to attack Vis so the photo is showing the prisoners captured all over Croatian coast and islands which were interrogated and kept on the Vis till the end of the WW2. Later, till 1990 that island was closed for all non-Yugoslav nationalities due to large military forces being held there. Also, a nice article and video about the island in WW2: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/croatia/8529443/Croatian-island-of-Vis-remembers-World-War-Two-role.html