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  1. Thank you very much Pierce its much appreciated.
  2. I have a chance at this ribbon bar but was wondering if its a good one. Thank you.
  3. Hagen

    Austrian Medal Bar

    Thanks Pierce. I keep my eyes open for A-H medals and medal bars, I find them interesting. I have tried a couple searches for this officer with no success. If anyone can help his name is Janos Kis and as I said previously he was an infantry lieutenant of a Hungarian division.
  4. Hagen

    Austrian Medal Bar

    I should note that I was told this is the medal bar of a Hungarian Lt. of infantry. I have his name but not anything else on him.
  5. Hagen

    Austrian Medal Bar

    My latest. Hope these pics are OK they are from my phones camera.
  6. Hagen

    Nva Parade - Stg44

    I think I agree with Steve in that they are police and not NVA. Here's another pic to add. And a Kampfgruppe parade
  7. Merry Christmas to you also Steve.
  8. Thanks again Marcel. Does the GB stand for Gustav Brehmer? Also I have tried clicking on "like this√" on your posts but it just says I have used up my ability to use this feature for the day. So please don't think I'm not appreciative, because I am.
  9. Well I'll be damned! Don't know what's going on but this time it worked!
  10. Hi Bart, Picture was taken with my Android phone as were all the other pictures I have posted here. The only thing I did different was zoom in on the reverse of the edelweiss badge.
  11. Marcel, How about GB42? I managed to get a pic with my camera but when I tried to upload here it said "file to big to upload"?? I have never had trouble uploading a pic before.BTW it looks like this GB 42 Not inline like GB42.
  12. Thank you Fred and Marcel, your opinions are much appreciated. Fred, as to your question on maker mark, there is a very faint '4' on the back, my eyes needed a bit of help with a magnifying glass but its definitely a 4. So S&L I assume.