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  1. Wermacht 1939

    109 - Walter & Henlein

    Hans , is one 2 Model ...
  2. Wermacht 1939

    109 - Walter & Henlein

    Walter & Henlei
  3. Wermacht 1939

    Infanterie Sturm Abzeichen

    Thank very much!
  4. Wermacht 1939

    Spange Iron cross

    thanks.. Rodrigo
  5. Wermacht 1939

    Spange Iron cross

    Hello Pierce, thank very much ..here rear bar.. Rodrigo
  6. Hi Guys, I have this spange a long time in the collection, and I wonder if anyone has idea because it has the reconfirms the iron cross on the tape. could be the Iron Cross 1st class? Thank you to anyone who can help me.
  7. Wermacht 1939

    Fallschirmjager Abzeichen Steinhauer

    Thanks Sebastien! Rodrigo
  8. Helo Folks, today i show my new entry.. I AM new colector Lufht badgets not more informations..
  9. Wermacht 1939

    EK 1 opinion

    Sorry, the cross is fake..Very ugly.. Rodrigo
  10. Wowwww very rare pieces!! Rodrigo
  11. Wermacht 1939

    Ostfolk.2nd class with swords.

    for me is Original Ostvolk,, zinc made. Rodrigo
  12. my cross is 2 model Meybauer, the 1 model is hard to find..and much costs.. Rodrigo
  13. I wanted more pictures because with those pictures could not see the details, but for me also good Meybauer
  14. sorry, your cross .. hum.. more fotos please..