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  1. This is really cool. I have visited this monster a few times...
  2. The quest for a Panzer...

    Hi Kentucky, The Chateau is a French National Monument. It is open to the public, however I believe it is still owned by the original family.
  3. 20mm Shell Casing - Help Needed

    We are still trying to confirm if this shell is Allied. I have never seen markings like this on a 20mm cannon casing. If anybody had any knowledge or information about this casing then please inform me. Thank you.
  4. The quest for a Panzer...

    Roy's story is well published. He had made the National Newspapers many times and also mainstream news channels including the BBC. As per the BBC, the Royal Engineer previously recounted his memories on the BBC's Antiques Roadshow in 2014. He recalled how Rommel asked if he needed anything and he replied "a pint of beer, cigarettes and a good meal". His collection of war memorabilia, including the empty cigarette packet given to him by Rommel, was valued at £10,000 by experts but he did not want to sell it and it will now be donated to the Imperial War Museum in London.
  5. The quest for a Panzer...

    Below is a copy of a period picture of the grand room at La Roche Guyon. You can understand why Roy called it amazingly decorated. This room was used as the location for many urgent military meetings between Rommel, his Staff and various high ranking German Officers, and as we are finding out through research, meeting with at least 2 British Commando's....
  6. The quest for a Panzer...

    In the grand room at La Roche Guyon during Rommel's time, there was a desk at the far end, which Rommel used as his office desk. At the other end of the room there would have been the table as pictured earlier in the thread with Rommel entertaining various high ranking Officers.
  7. The quest for a Panzer...

    Roy quotes from his papers that 'when he was led into the grand room, he couldn't believe what scene was in front of his eyes, for standing behind a desk was Rommel, and looking out of the window was Von Rundstedt'. The pictures below are stills from the 2012 film 'Rommel' and depict the moment when the British Commando is presented before Rommel.
  8. The quest for a Panzer...

    This is the room quoted by Roy as being 'amazingly decorated'. The grand room at La Roche Guyon was where Rommel held meetings and entertained high ranking officers. It is also the room where he interviewed Roy.
  9. The quest for a Panzer...

    Thanks Mark Glad that you are enjoying it. It has been quite a journey of discovery. There is more to come.
  10. The quest for a Panzer...

    Indeed Kentucky The Chateau at La Roche Guyon is spectacular. There is more to come...?
  11. The quest for a Panzer...

    Roy mentions that on entering the Chateau, he was led up a long flight of stairs, and into an amazingly decorated room. Below is the grand stone staircase that Roy mentioned. Situated just inside the main entrance, this is the route Roy would have taken in 1944.
  12. The quest for a Panzer...

    Thanks Lou There is more to come yet... I met with both Roy's sons this week in London. It was great to hear their stories too.
  13. The quest for a Panzer...

    Thanks Kentucky there are more to come yet...
  14. The quest for a Panzer...

    Roy mentions that a German Lieutenant then escorted him from the guardroom, across the courtyard and into the Chateau. Below is a picture from the guardroom end of the courtyard, the guardroom being directly behind me. The main entrance to the Chateau at the far end of the courtyard. This is the route he would have taken in 1944.
  15. The quest for a Panzer...

    Upon arrival at La Roche Guyon, Roy Wooldridge was taken blindfolded to the guardroom. In the 2012 film 'Rommel' there is a sequence of scenes of where the British Commando prisoner was presented to Rommel. Below is a still shot from the scene of arrival at Rommel's HQ. The guardroom that Roy mentions in his papers is situated to the right of the picture of the courtyard.