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  1. Roy mentions that on entering the Chateau, he was led up a long flight of stairs, and into an amazingly decorated room. Below is the grand stone staircase that Roy mentioned. Situated just inside the main entrance, this is the route Roy would have taken in 1944.
  2. Thanks Lou There is more to come yet... I met with both Roy's sons this week in London. It was great to hear their stories too.
  3. Thanks Kentucky there are more to come yet...
  4. Roy mentions that a German Lieutenant then escorted him from the guardroom, across the courtyard and into the Chateau. Below is a picture from the guardroom end of the courtyard, the guardroom being directly behind me. The main entrance to the Chateau at the far end of the courtyard. This is the route he would have taken in 1944.
  5. Upon arrival at La Roche Guyon, Roy Wooldridge was taken blindfolded to the guardroom. In the 2012 film 'Rommel' there is a sequence of scenes of where the British Commando prisoner was presented to Rommel. Below is a still shot from the scene of arrival at Rommel's HQ. The guardroom that Roy mentions in his papers is situated to the right of the picture of the courtyard.
  6. This is Roy Wooldridge MC & Bar Decorated twice for exceptional service in the field, he was decorated with the MC by Monty in Africa for clearing a German minefield during the battle of El Alamain. Laying on his stomach, prodding for mines with a bayonet, while under German mortar fire, he cleared a path for the Armoured Divisions to proceed forward. The meeting with Rommel has been a well published story, however I felt the need to photojournal the information from his papers into pictures at the location. I have read Roy's memoirs, and met his son's this week. They are considering publishing his papers as a book. This story is INCREDIBLE....
  7. Roy Wooldridge MC & Bar, was the Royal Engineer who was captured by the Germans off a French beach at Onival during Operation Tarbrush 10. Questioned by the Wehrmacht, interrogated by the Gestapo, he thought he was going to be shot as a spy, before Rommel intervened. Roy Wooldridge had an incredible story to tell. He has had many articles written about his exploits during WW2 in many National daily news media. His story has made headline BBC news. He is probably the ONLY confirmed person EVER who met both Rommel and Monty during the war years. I have retraced the steps of Roy Wooldridge during his time at Rommel's HQ at La Roche Guyon. Over the next few days I will post a photo journal of this investigation.
  8. As you enter the village you drive past a few houses, small bed & breakfast type hotels before reaching the Chateau. However, what an INCREDIBLE sight opens up before you... LA ROCHE GUYON.
  9. This is the approach to La Roche Guyon. There is only 1 road through the village. You can see the dominant ancient jail perched on the top of the cliff. This is the approach route taken by a man called Roy Wooldridge in 1944. I was lucky enough to meet with Roy's sons this week, and will post a little of the incredible story of their father.
  10. Just to backtrack again... Earlier in the thread I mentioned a visit to Rommel's Normandy HQ at La Roche Guyon. Over the next few days I will post a photo journal of this trip. Below is an historical photo of the Chateau La Roche Guyon, which is displayed in the village pub. I am also researching another WW2 event which involves Rommel, and the content is mind blowing...!!! I can post a little about this research, it is an incredible story...
  11. Thanks Kentucky, throughout the location investigation, we have found some incredible pieces of wartime history. We did indeed find some coins, along with quite a few personal items. I will post more of these in the coming days.
  12. Here is an interesting piece. This came out, and we thought 'oh another bullet casing', however the strands inside caught our attention. It turns out to be an incendiary bullet...!!! The strands inside are highly flammable (as we had to test a few to confirm just what we had found). I have never seen such a bullet before. A really nice find.
  13. Well Kentucky here's the thing.... I couldn't work out why this small piece of early plastic rattled...? It wasn't until a close inspection revealed that the top unscrewed, and inside were 3 small dice...!!! A bit of research told me that Germans played a dice game called 'Schock'. The game Schock is a very popular game of dice in the pubs and bars of Germany. There are many variants of the game (and an infinite number of names for it) and nearly as many sets of house rules. This was a fantastic little find. A personal piece that a German soldier, or possibly an officer would have carried on his person. I really like this piece, feel the history...
  14. This piece came up. At first we believed it to be some kind of vehicle piece, as it looked like a choke pull lever from a vehicle. It is made of Bakelite, so was a great find, as the early plastic which is Bakelite wasn't detected by the machines, however the metal bomb piece below it allowed us the opportunity of this chance find. Image our surprise when we realised the significance of this small plastic item. I will post next time the photo of the moment we worked out the puzzle of what this piece actually was.
  15. These were an interesting find. We believe these are 20mm bullet tips from one of the Typhoon's used in this attack. I researched the procedure and technique used by Typhoon pilots when on a bombing run, and one document stated that when in the dive element of the attack, the pilots would often squeeze off a burst of 20mm cannon fire prior to rocket release, just to keep the German gunners heads down. A really interesting find...