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  1. Dear all, This is my first post on the forum so I'm hoping your knowledge can help me with this teapot or coffee pot. It has been handed down the family with the story it was swapped at the end of the war with a Russian for cigarettes but the story has been past down so I cannot confirm this. I am a little confused how a piece made by an Italian ended up in Germany ? Apart from that I know nothing. I had posted some pictures for you to view. It has Fuhrer Fabrik - Krupp 1943 on the side on a small plaque. It is stamped FW Boggie ? on the bottom. Any help would be much appreciated. What was Fuhrer Fabrik ? Who would this have been made for ? Kind Regards Brett
  2. Holden / Erich S, Thank you both for your positive input, maybe you would like to teach the rest of your forum members some manners !
  3. I have just this forum for some advise not with the intention of selling anything. I asked for my post to be removed as I did not feel very welcomed to be honest. No hello welcome to the forum, I asked about a subject I know nothing about and that is hardly what I would call a friendly welcome. So yes remove my post, I do not wish to be any part of a clearly rude and quite frankly a forum that's accusing me of trying to sell things that I have no intention of selling. So my advise to you is firstly you want people to join your forum how about a hello first, secondly do not make accusations about people you know nothing about Eric !
  4. FURHER Fabrik, must be something, you type it in a google search and items come up
  5. Sloppy ? in what way sloppy ?