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  1. Hi everyone :) I am posting this on behalf of a friend and would like your honest opinon on a 50 Panzer Assault Badge , 4 & 8 Years SS Long Service Awards. Please see the pictures below. Thank you, Ibrahim Singapore --------------------------- Looking for all relevant info & items on WW2 German U-boats in Singapore and Asia for my research. http://monsun-uboats.blogspot.com/
  2. Good morning everyone, As some of you might know, for the past couple of years, I have been doing an ongoing research website on the Monsun UBoats, http://monsun-uboats.blogspot.sg/ , that details the Kreigsmarine involvement with the Japanese Navy here in Asia. And about a week ago, I was contacted by Mr Iqbal Malhotra for some help and perhaps some of you might be able to contribute too. Iqbal Malhotra, chairman and producer, AIM television, New Delhi, has recently made a film for Discovery Channel on Subhas Chandra Bose - The Mystery which is about the mystery behind Netaji's death, his connections with Stalin's Russia and the secret of INA gold entrusted to Prouchandy in Saigon. Some of the new findings are based on recently declassified records in India. Iqbal is very interested in doing further research on the activities of Bose and the INA while he was in Penang and other parts of Malaysia. The link of his film is attached below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6zTgfos9oG2Y1RqYjBKZG1MR00/view?usp=sharing and this is a short youtube of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1sRU6Qwa2g&feature=youtu.be He has asked me these specific questions - 1. Were there friendly fraternal contact and ties between the INA and Germans in Penang? Any innocuous photos or written references? 2. De classified files reveal that Bose may have left from Singapore on August 18, 1945 in a German submarine that picked him up off Bukit Timah in Singapore? He is supposed to have left for this rendezvous from the Japanese 7th Army HQ in Raffles College in Bukit Timah. Any evidence of this? 3. Did the German submarines transport bullion and other valuables to the Philippines? 4. What other activities did the Germans undertake in Penang and the coast around Lumut? 5. Given below are the details of Italian submarines, one of which may have been used to transport Bose from Singapore to Port Arthur in Manchuria. UIT-24 & UIT-25 only as both these submarines operated with mixed Italian, German and Japanese crews. Any photos/logs/info about these subs will be very welcome. These are the subs who were potentially linked to Bose and the INA. In fact UIT-24 was operating as a transport sub making port calls before it surrendered in Kobe. Also he will be in Penang on November 11,12 & 13 and in KL on November 14 & 15 for talks. If any of you can help, please do email him at iqbalmalhotra@aimtelevision.com , he is on a tight schedule and has by end of this month to meet his dateline. His documentary will be published around January/February next year. Thank you, Ibrahim Singapore. http://monsun-uboats.blogspot.sg
  3. The Monsun U-Boats – WW2 German Submarines In Asia

    Good morning everyone, Just a quick update on my website - http://monsun-uboats.blogspot.com/, here are something new that I have added – 1. Photo Album and Penang Island documents from a crew member of Uboat U178 , Please see the attachment and this link, pictures courtesy of Hastei @ forum-marinearchiv.de -- https://www.flickr.com/photos/48284705@N08/sets/72157631986373299/show 2. An ebook , U843 - Unter Nippons Sonne by Egbert Thomer – A German language book produced in 1959 ,based on the accounts by the surviving members on Monsun Uboat U843, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_submarine_U-843. To download this book , click here , https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5-QxiqyvgX7eHFNQzJqVk9pMW8/view?usp=sharing Finally , I would like to wish everyone , Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year !! Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr !! Yours, Ibrahim Singapore. --------------------------- Looking for all relevant info & items on WW2 German U-boats in Singapore and Asia for my research. http://monsun-uboats.blogspot.com/
  4. As of 20th July 2015 :( --------------------------- Looking for all relevant info & items on WW2 German U-boats in Singapore and Asia for my research. http://monsun-uboats.blogspot.com/
  5. News article - https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/the-goring-telegram-hermann-goering-telegram-to-adolf-hitler-on-auction.html One of the most historic messages of World War II, Martin Bormann’s copy of the telegram sent by Hermann Goring to Adolf Hitler advising him that within 24 hours Goring would take control of the German government. This telegram would mark the beginning of the disintegration of Hitler’s administration and the ultimate downfall of his government. The document, an original carbon prepared at the time of the receipt of the wireless message, is on a 8 1/4″ x 5 3/4″ Naval Intelligence Division form as that radio channel was the only one still operating at that late date. It bears a red “Secret!” stamp at upper-right and shows the time of receipt as 0056 hours, April 23, 1945. It reads in full: “My Fuhrer: General Koller today gave me a briefing on the basis of communications given to him by Colonel General Jodl and General Christian, according to which you had referred certain decisions to me and emphasized that I, in case negotiations would become necessary, would be in an easier position than you in Berlin. These views were so surprising and serious to me that I felt obligated to assume, in case by 2200 o’clock no answer is forthcoming, that you have lost your freedom of action. I shall then view the conditions of your decree as fulfilled and take action for the well being of Nation and Fatherland. You know what I feel for you in these most difficult hours of my life and I cannot express this in words. God protect you and allow you despite everything to come here as soon as possible. Your faithful Hermann Goring”. The document bears a long, clean vertical tear from the bottom to about 1″ below the top margin. It has been repaired with archival tape on verso, but an old repair has slightly affected five typed letters. Here Goring, safely ensconced at Berchtesgaden, puts into play a secret June 29, 1941 decree in which Hitler ordered that should he become incapacitated, kidnapped, or killed, Goring was to assume the reins of power. Martin Bormann, who controlled access to Hitler and detested Goring, seized upon this message as evidence of “treason” and an attempt to launch a coup d’etat. While Walther Hewel, Joachim von Ribbentrop’s liaison, attempted to justify Göring’s action by saying the bunker’s communications system could fail at any time and thus sever the command structure, Goebbels reinforced Bormann’s argument by agreeing that it smelled of a coup. According to Albert Speer’s account, this telegram, very likely the exact copy presented and read to Hitler, initiated a major crisis in Hitler’s psychological breakdown which precipitated the political disintegration of military command and control. Upon learning of other communiqués between Göring and other officers which referred to his invocation of Hitler’s secret testament, Hitler flew into a rage. On April 25, he sent a telegram to Göring telling him that he had committed “high treason” and gave him the option of resigning all of his offices in exchange for his life. Bormann also ordered the SS in Berchtesgaden to arrest Göring. On April 28, Hitler discovered that Heinrich Himmler was trying to discuss surrender terms with the western Allies. He ordered Himmler’s arrest and had Hermann Fegelein shot. Goring’s telegram and ensuing activities were remembered by Hitler until his end – his last will and testament dismissed Göring from all of his offices and expelled him from the Nazi Party. In July, 1945 U.S. Army Capt. Benjamin M. Bradin entered the remains of the Fuhrerbunker, gathered an armful of letters, telegrams and other “souvenirs” from a desktop and dumped files within, and brought them home to South Carolina where they rested unexamined in a bank vault until about 1958. At that time, Bradin’s son, future Col. James W. Bradin, was a student enrolled at The Citadel, the prestigious South Carolina military school. The younger Bradin was much impressed with his history professor, Dr. Robert Rieke, who was fluent in German and had served on the military staff of the Citadel’s president, Gen. Mark Clark. Bradin brought some of the Bormann papers to Rieke for examination and translation. Rieke urged the young student to use their contents in his senior thesis, and at some point thereafter, the “Goring Telegram” and a Hitler printed invitation (included in this lot) were given to him as a token of thanks for his assistance. In 1978, Rieke gave the “Goring Telegram” and invitation to our consignor who had been his devoted friend, student, and confidante and would remain such until the end of the professor’s life. The telegram remained in his safety deposit box while our consignor was on a 22-year sabbatical as an independent scholar at Oxford. Accompanying his gift, Rieke included a text briefly describing the telegram and how he obtained it, upon which he wrote our consignor’s name at the top as recipient, and noted: “The original telegram is in FRAGILE condition”. We, as well as our consignor, later contacted Col. James W. Bradin who recalled giving the telegram and printed invitation to Dr. Riecke while at the Citadel but declined any further involvement due to personal reasons. He also mentioned that he had shared copies of the documents with various “scholars”. In the interim, controversial historian David Irving obtained copies of some of the Bormann notes, letters and documents and cited Bradin as being their source. These documents, all authentic, were used in Irving’s “Goring A Biography”. Provenance included with these items: Prof. Robert W. Rieke’s letter of provenance with his pencil notes at top; his son Peter Rieke’s notarized letter attesting to the fact that the handwriting on his father’s letter of provenance is authentic; our consignor’s very detailed notarized letter of provenance; a photo of Dr. Rieke, copy of an inscription in his book to our consignor, and the text of our consignor’s eulogy delivered at Rieke’s funeral. A most important document of great historical importance. Two pieces. Estimate $ 15,000-20,000 --------------------------- Looking for all relevant info & items on WW2 German U-boats in Singapore and Asia for my research. http://monsun-uboats.blogspot.com/
  6. Good morning everyone :) This coming Wednesday , 23rd April , I will be in Hamburg to do an interview with a Leibstandarte Veteran , Herr Kurt Schmidt. He is the grandfather of one of my best friend. He was a SS Sturmann in 1941 and rose up all the way to SS Oberscharführer in 1944 until he was captured by the Russians. His commander at that time was SS Brigadeführer Wilhelm Mohnke. My previous meetings with veterans were members of the Kriegsmarine who were part of the Monsun Uboot gruppe , http://monsun-uboats.blogspot.sg Usually, my interview are very informal and friendly , but since this is my first interview with a ex Waffen SS soldier. I would really appreciate any advise :) I have prepared a set of questions for him that his granddaughter , will check for any translation mistakes and also I too take into consideration his age (He will be 95 years old this year) , so Im always patient and will let them tell their story first. I have 2 questions to ask you guys though :- 1) Does anyone here have contact with the HIAG in Hamburg ?? He would really like to meet up with fellow veterans 2) I plan to do a walking tour with his granddaughter who is one of my best friends and a native of Hamburg on friday. And it would be great to bring her along some militaria shops or museums. Can you guys recommend some ?? I plan to bring her to Helmut Weitze Antiquitäten , The Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg .. any others ?? As a side note - How I met her granddaughter was very amusing !! Im of Indonesian heritage and live & work in Singapore. But I love going back home to Bali , to meet up with friends and family and do lots of surfing :) And while at a party in Singapore a good german friend of mine introduced me to another german woman who married an Indonesian and living in Bali. We met again for my birthday dinner at Canggu Beach and she found out about my interest in history. Later, a couple of weeks when she was back for a short holiday , she phoned me and told me that her Opa, grandfather was a soldier too , and was a member of the Leibstandarte. She didnt know what this means until I gave her a brief introduction and my interest. She was really surprised and very proud of her Opa .... By the way, even though hes turning 95, he is smart enough to use skype via the iphone 6+ to speak with his granddaughter !! :) Yours, Ibrahim. Singapore. --------------------------- Looking for all relevant info & items on WW2 German U-boats in Singapore and Asia for my research. http://monsun-uboats.blogspot.com/
  7. U-boot Archiv : Horst Bredow has passed away

    I personally met Herr Horst Bredow at his Uboot Archive in late 2010 for my Monsoon Uboat research website. He was a good man ... My sincere condolences to his family & friends. --------------------------- Looking for all relevant info & items on WW2 German U-boats in Singapore and Asia for my research. http://monsun-uboats.blogspot.com/
  8. Good morning everyone, Sad news, Herr Horst Bredow has quietly passed away this weekend. The message below is from Peter Monte , member of The Advisory board of Uboot Archive. ---------- ""Message du 23/02/15 07:42 Objet : Sad News Dear Friends of Horst and Annemarie Bredow and the German U-Boat Museum, it is my sad duty to inform you on behalf of Annemarie Bredow that Horst Bredow has passed away peacefully yesterday afternoon, Sunday, 22nd of Feb 2015, in his house at Altenbruch. There will be no funeral service and other forms of gathering, since Horst has declared his last will his ashes to be given to the sea quietly. Annemarie has asked me to let you know that she will continue leading the "Foundation German U-Boat Museum" as chairman as disposed by Horst Bredow building on the support of the friends of the Museum and Archive. Therefore, it is firm intent to carry on with the work of the Museum and Archive. Hence, the next joint meeting of the Executive and Advisory Board of the foundation remains on schedule for Friday, 10th of April 2015. Also, the next annual general meeting of the Association of Friends of the Tradition Archive U-Boats (FTU) will be executed as scheduled on Saturday, 11th of April 2015. The news of the death of Horst Bredow will be spread throughout the next days via this line or by phone. The yearbook "Das Archiv" currently in print and to be distributed until early March will also mention the sad end of Horst. On behalf of Annemarie Bredow I remain with my best regards Peter Monte (German Navy (rtd), Cuxhaven) German UBoat Museum Foundation Lange Strasse 1 27478 Cuxhaven-Altenbruch - Germany E-Mail: uboot-archiv-altenbruch@web.de See: http://www.u-boot-archiv-cuxhaven.de for more information on his life and the history of the Archiv. "" -----------
  9. hi everyone, I would like to ask for some help to translate these Sütterlin words written on the back of 2 LAH postcards. I would really appreciate for any assistance please :) Thank you.
  10. The Monsun U-Boats – WW2 German Submarines In Asia

    Dear Eric & John, Thank you so much for the kind words and I'll always do my best to update it regularly :) Have a great weekend guys !! Ibrahim --------------------------- Looking for all relevant info & items on WW2 German U-boats in Singapore and Asia for my research. http://monsun-uboats.blogspot.com/
  11. Good morning everyone :) For the past couple of years Ive been gathering data on a unique subject which is WW2 german submarines in asia , the Monsun Uboats. http://monsun-uboats.blogspot.com/ It all started when the local singapore museum wanted me & some of my fellow teacher friends to do some WW2 historical presentation for the kids and thats how I found about this subject. Could you please give me reviews ?? Any constructive ways to improve my website ?? Also if you can help me identify the people in the photo sections , that would be great. And if you have any more information / pictures / videos , I would gladly appreciate it too. Thank you, Ibrahim Picture album of DKIG Franz Persch, Stabsobermaschinist of U-181 (12. U-Flotille) Picture courtesy of François Saez. --------------------------- Looking for all relevant info & items on WW2 German U-boats in Singapore and Asia for my research. http://monsun-uboats.blogspot.com/
  12. Good morning everyone, I saw this interesting picture that was published recently in Bali, do you have any idea as to the circumstances ?? Perhaps it is related to my research work on the Monsun UBoats - http://monsun-uboats.blogspot.sg/ --------------------------- Looking for all relevant info & items on WW2 German U-boats in Singapore and Asia for my research. http://monsun-uboats.blogspot.com/