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  1. Nice piece. Now you only need to add a Reichssieger !
  2. Currently offered for sale (the same as in the prior post):
  3. You are welcome, John. Would hope for more postings here, but hey - limited interestest means less competition !
  4. KdP was founded as "Karpathendeutsche Volksgemeinschaft" October 5, 1927 (http://www.bohemistik.de/sudetistikdaten.html). Same source gives November 4, 1935 as the date when Konrad Henlein become leader of both Sudetendeutsche and Karpathendeutschen Partei. In this source [page 360 / numbered 273 (LARGE pdf !)], November 3, 1935 is given as the date of Henlein taking charge of the KdP, with Franz Karmasin as his inofficial deputy. Karmasin became the official deputy only October 15, 1937 for Slovakia and Carpatho-Ukraine. The Czechoslovak government banned both the SdP and KdP on September 9, 1938 during the Sudeten crisis. As "Deutsche Partei" (DP) the KdP was reinstated October 10, 1938 (page 178 / 91). Obviously, the KdP had a 10th anniversary, which would have been a great opportunity to bestow badges on their "Alte Kämpfer" !
  5. This one just surfaced in Birmingham, UK, along with some other items.
  6. A few that Erich used to have ...
  7. Phil - the most interesting part of the reverses is missing ! I'd love to add these to my database, but respect your choice of not revealing them. If I remember correctly, Br. James also calles 4 GPB 's his own and is trying to put a name to those that have not been attributed yet.
  8. All are in very nice condition. Can you please show the reverses as well.
  9. Lovely, adorable items. Wish I could find any.