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  1. Gustaf

    M1917 Ford Ambulance

    I do not have a museum, but I am on the board af directors of the Minidoka County Historical society Museum, in Rupert, Idaho, some of my collection is on display most of the time at the County Museum. I occasionally set up displays ot the Fort Douglas Military Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah
  2. Gustaf

    M1917 Ford Ambulance

    I need 20 total for a complete ambulance section, so I have 18 more to go.
  3. Gustaf

    M1917 Ford Ambulance

    There were a few small errors in measurement in the first, they were corrected on the second. The new car is as close as possible to the actual construction of the originals. The one place where I am not satisfyed is the benches in the back, there are no good photographs of the inside of the back of the ambulance that shows the front part.
  4. Gustaf

    M1917 Ford Ambulance

    I just finished building a second M1917 Ford ambulance, I have made some adjustments in the dimencions fromthe first by photographing the car at the same distance and angle as in period photos, I need to photo this car the same way and get the calipers out to do further comparisons. Here is the now one compared to the old.
  5. I recently saw the cardboard bit that bullet pen was inserted into priced at £40, I about choked, needless to say I have neither the baccie , pen or the cardboard that it fits in. Before I acquired the tin, I was not aware how well planned they were, the size is exact to fit in the breast pocket of the tunic. Well Played Princess Mary!
  6. Here is my example of a Princess Mary tin, the tin with card was a gift from a friend, and the ciggirette package was an ebay purchase that arrived today, containing 4 ciggys.
  7. These photos were part of a grouping saved by a mechanic who served in WWI in France, there were over 400 photos, 300 post cards, a number of letters as well as two diarys. as well as his uniform and some of his personal equipment I hope to have everything compiled in book form soon.
  8. Here is a line up of the truck and ambulances of Evacuation Ambulance Company #8, the truck is a Packard and tha ambulances are GMCs. The photo was taken about September 1918. A couple of the boys of Evac Amb Co #* with their GMC ambulances
  9. Gustaf

    German WW1 displays

    It would have been better if I could get mushrooms to grow here:)
  10. Gustaf

    German WW1 displays

    Here is a small German display I set up at the Ogden gun show about a year ago. And here is a close up of the display case.
  11. Gustaf

    M1917 Ford Ambulance

    This week end I did a display on gas warfare, in the US, gas mask are classified as weapons of mass distruction, and one can not import them from other countries with out a permit. In the first case are a British PH hood, a Russian Zalinski-Kumont gas mask and a French M2. In the second case are a German Gummimask, An Austrian Gummimaske, a German Ledermaske, a French ARS17, a Belgian M1918 made from a German Ledermaske, a British small box repirator and an American SBR. I was unable to get the files to attach through this site, I do not know why, but the link would not resopnd.
  12. Gustaf

    M1917 Ford Ambulance

    Hello Hans, I normally set up a display at the Utah Gun Collector's Association show in Ogden, Utah every October and January, also at the Fort Douglas Military Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah every June. Currently I have a small display at our local museum in Rupert, Idaho.
  13. Gustaf

    M1917 Ford Ambulance

    Hi Bart, I started with a 1919 Ford model T chassis, and with the help of frieds I was able to get some of the measurments from several ambulances in museums in the US. They were all built in the 1980s by a couple of farmers from Montana. The claim to have found the blue prints in the Montana State Library, but their replicas are not exactly like the ones in period photos. After photographing my ambulance from the same perspective as in period photos, I have been able to identify about three places where the replicas are off by about an inch, so I am working on a second to correct them. I collect WWI uniforms, equipment and weapons, and do displays of museums in ouir area. I have not been able to figure out how to upload photos directly to your site.
  14. For years I looked for an original WWI Ford ambulance, a few years ago, I found out that no originals are known to exsist, so I did the next best thing and built a reproduction body on an original Ford model T chassis. The uniform in the last photo is of a mechanic who served in Evacuation Ambulance Co. #8.