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  1. Hello and Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is starting off well for my fellow collectors. If you would like to check out my third reich WWII militaria collection please check out my website link below. Please take a look if you have time. http://tothehiltmilitaria.com/ It is my goal in 2015 & 2016 to begin the addition of my US WWII Militaria as well. Thanks! Rossi
  2. Rossi

    Post You First Item Of 2015

    Eickhorn 2nd Model Kriegs Naval full rig
  3. Rossi

    Jeep barn find

    Pretty Cool. I am a Willy's fan so thanks for the post. See link below. Here is my 1945 Serial #10296 which was the first model year after WWII. It was #296 of the 1800 roughly made in 1945 in OH. I put a 1974 350 Corvette engine in it. Link: http://tothehiltmilitaria.com/collection/groupings-specials/1945-jeep-willys
  4. Rossi

    Your first item?

    Here is the first WWII piece I ever touched at age 15 over 35 years ago. It was the 1st Militaria Piece given to me and started my craze for WWII Militaria Collecting. My Grandfather brought the nazi pistol home along with Fiesty Lydia his German Warbride. I remember shooting this pistol until the firing pin gave out and must have broke his wallet with thousands of rounds run through it. It is pretty priceless to me as Grandfather placed clear grips and a picture of his ultimate war prize Oma in the handle. Not a pretty piece but priceless to me. If you want to see more or my full collection you can go to www.tothehiltmiltaria.com Rossi
  5. I have experienced only 1 communication and he was terse and grumpy. He could have been having a bad day which we all do but I passed and did not buy from him.
  6. Thanks David. You are very kind and appreciate the comment. Glad you like the collection site.
  7. Did do some more digging. Billy was able to shed some more portapee knowledge on the fireman's bayonet question. My Sawtooth Alcoso is shown below. The leather strap with 3 lines, silver knot with carmine felt interior was worn to signify fire officer grade or rank.
  8. Hello, Can you review these 4 pictures showing a couple varieties of portapees. I have seen these both on Sawback Fireman's bayonets. Are they both appropriate? I have heard earlier versions of the sawback prior to 1940 could have worn the tan ball and not the pink & silver alternating thread. What are your opinions? Please opine Rossi
  9. Hey Guys, Need your opinions...I have had a couple of these over the years come across my path. One was a molded Fake. This one is a bit beat up, used and salty and was acquired years ago from a vet family by me and my family with the belt. Had it for while. I doubt it is a molded fake. I have seen the casting flaws in others and this one is scratched but I am not seeing the little blemishes I have seen before in others. Most have said real deal and I have a couple fellow collectors who are not sure and 1 says fake but he does not have one. Uff Da! Any help here guys on your thoughts? Please and thanks in advance for your opinions. Iron sharpens iron. Rossi
  10. Thanks Eric and Lou, Your gracious insight is appreciated! Rossi
  11. Thanks Eric, He was my collecting guru, buddy, mentor and best friend. Each Sept and Oct mark when they passed. I can reflect with joy on their lives. Good people. Grandpa was my War Hero and brought back the best Relic form the War - Oma. What a trip she was :)
  12. Hey All, Here is some of my family history about Oma and Opa. If you like biography books and an entertaining read this is a good book. If you have wives it is even better. Story of a Fighting and Fiesty Kraut. I have a limited number of free copies if you pay postage. I want her story to live on so people can get a scope of what it was like living in Germany during WWII. At the end of WWII my Grandfather met my Grandmother who was a German citizen. They married and she came to the USA to live the “American Dream” as an immigrant after the war. The book shown here was written about my Grandparents “Feisty Lydia – Memoirs of a German War Bride”. Her life had many interesting stories of growing up in Hitler’s Germany. My Grandmother’s meeting of Adolf Hitler at a rally is documented in the biography. While she was working at a German ammunitions plant it was bombed by the American Forces during the war. Her home in Bavaria provided housing and protection for a young Jewish boy by hiding him under the floor boards. The story of her marriage, the birth of my Father in Germany and the ship ride to America are documented as well. You can click on the video link below to see the interview with the author on Lifetime TV and learn more. WATCH: VIDEO
  13. Fellow Collector Bruthas, Open to your opinions on this M24 Grenade. Not my area of expertise but I have the opportunity to possibly acquire the pictured item below for my collection. Any idea of a fair asking price? What is the going value on these? I know they have increased in the past few years. I have seen these for sale on inflated dealer sites for $700 to $850 depending on markings and condition. The handle is marked wc1943 and the metal head has a faint marking of 3/1943. There is some wax remaining in the head. Ball and rope that goes in the handles of these is missing as well so it is not 100% complete. Looks authentic and not repainted. Thanks in advance for your help and wisdom as I consider this piece. Rossi
  14. Thanks Eric...Per my email thus why it is not shown on my site. Was in agreement with everything you said. I remember Grandpa telling me he bought for $20.00 US so I think he knew all along it was not the real deal. Still a piece of collecting history and a memory from Grandpa. Cheers! Rossi