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  1. Hi Bart. Very nice example of a soldbuch of the Ardennes Offensive.
  2. Here you can see the three russian planes claimed shot down by his unit.
  3. Karl Koch. -airforce ground combat badge,krim shield, iron cross second class,airforce flak badge. -his photo shows the ek2,krim and ground combat badge. - L. Flak abteilung 89. - Caucasian mountains,Crimea...and active in Saar area in 1945. - Entries on page 21 claim 3 russian planes shot down by his unit. I specially like these entries.
  4. Súper nice soldbuch Kevin...and great reading also. I enjoyed a lot!
  5. Great set,great Research and great write up
  6. And the rest of the scans...
  7. Fritz Schoen 1916 With infanterie regiment 3: -9/1939 Poland: fights in Festung Graudenz. -May 1940 France: heavy fights in Mezières and Charleville. -1940/41 awarded with EK2 and IAB for his actions during the Battle of France. -6-11 1941 Rusia: Volkjov and Ladoga -wounded 11/41( i can not understad hospital entry) and awarded with the BWB. -wounded again 8/42 : 31a -he spends some months in the school for officers. -1945 he is sent again to the front and is awarded with the SWB after being in hospital with freezing disorders. Here the most important pages:
  8. Great one with a very interesting reading. Thanks a lot for showing it here.
  9. It is a nice set but i think noone is going to pay for it.
  10. Hi Kevin. Seems Wittenbrick was the only guy of the crew who died. I have no more details and i do not know if would be possible to get more info.