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  1. It is a nice set but i think noone is going to pay for it.
  2. Hi Kevin. Seems Wittenbrick was the only guy of the crew who died. I have no more details and i do not know if would be possible to get more info.
  3. He was Staffelkapitän of 11./KG 4 from 01.09.43 to 31.03.44 and 6./KG 4 from 31.03.44 to 09.08.44. During the night of 8/9 August 1944, Bading's 6. Staffel along with the rest of II. Gruppe attacked enemy armor and vehicle traffic crossing a pontoon bridge and an old wooden bridge that span the Vistula at Baranow/Poland. Bading's Heinkel 111H failed to return from the mission and is believed to have been shot down by Russian AA fire around the bridges. He and his 4 crew members were reported missing and a short time later declared dead.
  4. Thanks a lot for the info,Richard and Kevin. Kevin...i found this info on oberleutnant Alfred Veith. Alfred Veith:Born 25 April 1918 in Pomster/Adenau. On 24 October 1944 as an Oblt. and observer in 5./KG 55, he was awarded the Ritterkreuz for destroying 24 planes on the ground, 16 tanks, 27 locomotives and 20 trains.1 January 1945 he was promoted to Hptm.He was credited with nearly 400 combat missions. On 30 September 1976 , he retired from the Bundeswehr as an Oberst.
  5. Very very beautiful groupings! Thanks for showing them here!
  6. Also first time for me! Very nice book!
  7. Johannes Wittenbrink Gütersloh 1922 9/K.G.4 Died 23-05-44 near Kaminobrod... ...while flying with He 111H-20 700143 5J+MT Awards: ROAG,ek2 and forntflugspange in bronze(with just 16 flights)
  8. Die 12. Schwadron/Panzerregiment 24 im Einsatz 1943-1945 The book arrived yestarday.As you said Ian,many good photos and all tha battles the guy joined in. Regards.
  9. Very nice!
  10. I will never understand it...why? I supposse it is just money! Fine it has been made with pencil so you can erase it,Kevin! And fine you have it with you again! Congrats my friend!
  11. Thanks Kevin. Do you know this book? Die 12. Schwadron/Panzerregiment 24 im Einsatz 1943-1945 Bild- und Einsatzchronik der 12. Schwadron des Panzerregiments 24 in der 24. Panzerdivision Armin Böttger,Karlheinz Münch
  12. Alfred is a panzerschützen when the soldbuch is opened in 1942. He is a young guy with blond hair and blue eyes. In abril 1943 he joined the new Panzer Regiment 24 -as a radio operator- that is rebuilt in northern France with panzer IV and sturmgeschutz III. 8/43 joined the II panzer corps as ocupation force in Italy. 10/43 goes back to the eastern front,this time in Nikopol and Krivoi Rog. From marz to may 1944 it took part in defensive battles arround Besaravia and Moldavia. may and june 1944 participated in the combats of Jassy and Targul Frumos with the GD.And he is awarded with the PAB silver.In this battle of Targul Frumos 24 PD claimed 100 tanks destroyed. September 1944 took part in the Dukla Pass battle and in octobre he participated in the battle of Debrecen. The is transported by train through Hungary and to Prusia where it received in febrary 1945 new equipment. Marz 1945 the deffensive battles in Narmia. April 1945 the regiment is evacuated to Scheswig Holstein where they surrendered to the english tropps. -nice entry in the soldbuch : "feldmutze gelben abzeichen" All comments and help with the soldbuch is wellcome guys.