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  1. L76, Polux: Great Western Front linked citations you are showing! Interesting the 276. ID doc was backdated, never seen that before! I also got a citation of Panzergrenadier-Regiment 192 (for EK2, see EK2-citation-thread), dated 2 weeks earlier, but apart from that (almost) identical...! Same signatures.
  2. Very cool! Neven seen one of those before, thanks for showing!
  3. One of my favourite citatons from my collection... EK1 for a Leutnant of Grenadier-Regiment 990, 277. Volksgrenadier-Division. Dated December 31st 1944, awarded for action at the infamous Elsenborn Ridge area, near the villages of Rocherath and Krinkelt in the Ardennes. Came straight out of a household clearance in Austria. Reitterer also received the Honour Roll Clasp in March 1945 (unfortunately the citation was not found, maybe he was never given one).
  4. I actually do! I´ve had an EK1 citation of the exact same regiment a few years ago, also signed by Hüther, but dated a bit earlier (Nov 1944, I think it was).... a well-known collector contacted me on WAF and said he owned more documents of the soldiers the EK1 citation belonged to, and when he provided evidence by showing the documents I decided to help re-unite the group and traded the citation for two beautiful Western Front EK2-citations. Thanks for showing!
  5. Makes one wonder how many brushed up WPs/SBs are out there that no one will every find out about...!
  6. Well done! Thats what separates the diligent and serious collector from those who just care about items!
  7. matthias_AC

    The First One

    My first ever item wasn´t a document, but as we are in the documents section I guess we are talking about paperwork only... ;-) The first document in my collection is a very special one and will never be sold, even if I stop collecting one day: my grandfathers Wehrpass. Grandfather was a Flak-soldier and saw action in North Africa and Italy. He was awarded the cuff title "Afrika", EKII for action at Anzio-Nettuno, Wound Badge Black, the Driver´s Badge and the German Italian MedalI. I also have a piece of paper showing that he applied for the Luftwaffe Ground Badge and Flak-Badge, but they are not entered in the Wehrpass. Neither is the German-Italian Medal. Plenty of information on locations and combats! Apart from grandfathers Wehrpass I have his Ärmelband "Afrika" plus citation, EKII, Wound Badge Black (denazified), German-Italian medal (all without citations, unfortunately), a couple of hundred photos and some equipment (binoculars, canteen).
  8. Another citation of 246. VGD... Unit: Artillerie-Regiment 246, 246. Volksgrenadier-Division Awarded for action in/at: Ardennes/Eifel Signature: Generalmajor Walter Kühn (mit der Führung beauftragt) Status: Single document Notice the differences and congruities with the other 246. VGD citation I posted... same stamp, but different typewriter used.
  9. matthias_AC

    Panzer regiment 24

    Very nice Soldbuch and neat lttiel group, always nice to have a face! Parts of Panzerregiment 24 were attached to 116. Panzer-Division in spring 1944 and took part in battles on the Western Front. Not really helpful in your case, but I thought it would be interesting to know...
  10. Great set, Bart! Sturm- and Nahkampftage-lists simply are an awesome source of information where and what date units and certain soldiers saw action! Here is my (only) contribution to this thread... Unit: Füsilier-Bataillon 353, 353, Infanterie-Divison Awarded for action in/at: St. Lo/Normandy Signature: Unknown Rittmeister Not a very decorative citation, but fiel-made/handwritten an thus a unique and interesting piece (in my opinion)!