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  1. Meisenhelter

    Eric-Jan Bakker

    Miss you E-J, RIP my friend
  2. I'm on the hunt so there should be one or two more coming hopefully
  3. My 2nd Stalingrad soldbuch, I thought was a good catch for a Stalingrad related item (even though a 2nd copy), I thought not too bad even without the connection to Stalingrad! Issued early in 1943, the first one being likely lost or damaged in Stalingrad. Unfortunately details seem to be lacking for earlier on, as no entries for leave, wounds etc. before 1943. So just going by his awards mainly, and his 1st leaves in 1943 look to be in recuperation from a wounding or sickness. His first leave I think is “Genesungsurlaub”, (leave for after hospital stay), not sure of the second leave leading into directly after. The book did come with some (abschrift) period printed copies of awards which match the awards in the soldbuch. He earned the Inf. St. Abz. and EK2 at Stalingrad and quite possibly close combat days towards his CCC. This was awarded late in 1943 around the time that most CCC ,(earned earlier in the war) were awarded. No clues I can see to how he escaped , maybe he had a leave after winning the EK and Assault medals just before the encirclement. Or maybe he was sick or wounded later on, and flown out. He was with the 371st Inf. Div. which was situated on the southern corner of the city during the battle (see map) A real bonus I think is an abschrift document for the EK2 ,which was authorised by Generalleutnant Richard Stempel: commander of the 371. Though this document does not have his signature or such, I still think it’s pretty neat. Leutnant Joachim Stempel’s account of his last meeting with his father at Stalingrad is pretty moving, and worthy of respect. Any other info gladly received, or anything I may have read wrong as well. sorry for the poor quality pics of the Abschrift award documents.
  4. Makes you want to pull your hair out! why would you?
  5. Yeah that is such a great and complete group, I considered buying it myself. A good catch indeed
  6. Nice Ian, was that part of an extensive group for sale on Weitze ?
  7. Meisenhelter

    Officer wehrpass shutzen reg. 112

    Hi Kevin, Thanks for the info on the signatures, Regards Greg
  8. Here is my latest acquisition, a wehrpass of a young Leutnant of shutzen reg. 112 who was KIA near Gorki (21.12.41) around about the time that Hitler ordered no more retreating, that his soldiers must stand their ground. I like this one because he was a junior officer in the motorised division (halftracks ?) right up the front fighting He must have done something fairly special earlier on in the advance into Russia as he was awarded both EK 1 and 2 at the same time (a bit of a daredevil, I think a good soldier). I don’t normally go for wehrpass as I like soldbuch much better but this one is in my main field of interest Operation Typhoon, and he has a nice photo in RAD uniform which I like a lot ( I think the Rad organisation was a great idea of Hitlers)
  9. Nice sharp photo's of both those guys in natural combat attire, what a coincidence
  10. Meisenhelter

    Panzer regiment 24

    Nice book, I love it when they come with matching dog tag
  11. Meisenhelter

    Offz Soldbuch Gren Rgt 423

    Nice soldbuch Bart, a real leader rising threw the ranks quickly. I like Infantry officer soldbuch too, I will post some pics of a wehrpass I recently acquired from an Infantry Leutnant on the weekend.