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  1. Hi, thanks for your replay! Some collectors say this belt is for P37 Webley.. What do you thinK? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I don't know this belt.. Nice condition with soft leather.. Marked 1941. Brass buckles. Anyone knows It? Thanks!!!
  3. Ok, I understand. many thanks for your help guys
  4. No TinLid, I wouldn't break the liner. Maybe slowly with a bit of courage ​Thanks PeterPaul!
  5. Hello TinLid, thanks for your replay but I don't agree with this theory. In the years I have found here in Italy many mk2 helmets with rough paint, but someone with smooth paint. This helmet it has been found in North Italy, never been in a collection. ​I think the flash "speak clearly" and in my opinion is an possible south african flash.
  6. Hello guys, I have found in North Italy this british Mk2 with unknown (to me) flash. The flash reminds me southafrican "style". Someone can help me to identify it? Thanks!
  7. Hello Tin and thanks for your replay. R.E.M.E. colors are blue, yellow, red.....right? Flash in the helmet seems blue-Yellow-blue.
  8. Hello folk, I ask your help for identify this flash on MkII helmet with more layers of paint. Other question: what's the series of numbers on the helmet inside? Usually the MkII are marked with only manufacturer and date. Thanks!!!!!
  9. Thanks for your replay TinLid. Unfortunately this flash isn't of these regiments. For this reason I think they are a divisional colors. For you can be realistic my opinion? In my search I have found a flash equal to this, but it's a Canadian division who fought in Normandy. So isn't the flash to my helmet.
  10. Hello! My other hobby is the metal detector's search in "Gothic Line" in Italy. Last (lucky!!!) week I have found two helmet in two near "fox hole". One M1 helmet and one Mk2 helmet. After the restoration is appeared this flash with yellow-black stripes on Mk2 (marked 1942). The area of the discovery was kept from 78* british division and 88* US division. In your opinion this flash can represent the color (black-yellow) of the 78* division? Or It has another meaning? Thanks!
  11. Great helmet!!!!!!Congratulations!!!!