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    WW2 German (Fj u. W-SS) as Primary, but also US, Brit u. ruskie.
    VN War
    Weapons are my primary interest, but also doccuments, medals u. uniform items. And what ever else catches my interest!

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  1. Sarge


    Well I finally got back to this thread. Here are a couple of my SVTs and other ruskie stuff (this is a very old photo). I currently have 4 or 5 SVTs. Almost have one for every year of mfg. Sarge
  2. I might be interested - IF I knew exactly what you have! Where are you located? Send me some photos. Sarge
  3. Here is my Lw dinner jacket. I also have both the straight leg and breeches pants. This has loops for both a pilots badge and an IC 1. I can't find the photos of my Flieger Blus and 4 pocket tuniks, If I ever do, I'll add them to this. Sarge
  4. Sarge

    Luftwaffe plate

    Well I forgot to add that I have about a dozen different pieces of Lw mess hall china from cups & plates to meat platters & a milk/water pitcher (that I got at a flea market in West Berlin in the 80s). Also have an approximatly 2 liter metal water pitcher, also from Berlin. Sarge
  5. Sarge

    Luftwaffe plate

    And a Rosenthal at that! Nice! Seems a bit unusual in that it is not dated. Sarge
  6. Sarge


    South Korean Sarge
  7. I would think that he was a rear echelon support guy and thus never went to jump school. That would also account for the difference in rank title. He may well not have been at Kreta until after the initial invasion, if at all. Sarge
  8. Sarge

    Die Kriegsmarine

    Do you have any of the Yahrbuch der Deutschen Kriegsmarine books? They were printed from about 1936 thru 44. I think I have the complete set. I also have an extra or 2 if I can find them. I also collect Km items, but nothing close to your outstanding collection. Here is something I didn't see in your photos. Sarge
  9. IF it is WW 2 it is most likely either Polizei or some civil organization. Sarge
  10. Predominately all of the W-SS items were standard military issue. No way to differentiate W-SS from Luftwaffe, usv. If you find anything of that sort with the runes it is most likely Algemaine Sarge
  11. Why don't you go back in and delete All of the duplication of photos? Looks like everything is there 3 times which makes so much clutter it is hard to look thru your post!!! Sarge
  12. Sarge

    Bren MKI

    Yep! I live in the gun friendly state of Colorado. I've got about a dozen other MGs, some shooters and some dewats. The dewats are all duplicates of the shooters. Sarge
  13. Here is one of my IC 2 docs. Got some others somewhere, if I find them I'll add to this. Sarge v
  14. Sarge

    Bren MKI

    While not my single favorite, I do like the Bren! I also have a Mk 1, but unlike yours I can shoot mine. Here it is with 3 of its stable mates, all shooters. Sarge