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  1. Smithee

    What are these people

    There seems to be some anomalies. The Girls are wearing trousers and leather gaiters over leather boots. The men have similar gaiters. The normal uniform issued for Land Army Girls was The uniforms normally consisted of the following: - 2 short sleeved shirts 1 green pullover 2 pairs of socks 1 pair of shoes 1 bib and brace overall 1 hat 1 pair of rubber boots 1 long (very thin!) Mackintosh for the winter Could they be ATS? But WHAT ARE THE MEN. also THERE IS A SMALL DOG.
  2. What are these men and girls? Photo taken August 1944, possibly in Cambridgeshire or Norfolk.
  3. I have one, on field grey cloth, four prongs and with black paper backing together with maker mark J. F. 42 in off white letters and numerals.
  4. Smithee

    Blood Order holders gallery

    As to the low numbers - the first 20 or so went to the Party Highracy, then the groups made list of those there and submitted them. So number 100, has no more significance than number 1000. The Second type was numbered as awarded. This came in time batches. Hence the number 4000 badges are very rare, being awarded as late as 1944.
  5. lutz awards - German Red Cross Decoration - 1937 - 1st Class
  6. Kuban Shield - Green backing cloth - Obverse - J.F S.42 (Josef Feix und Söhn (Littlejohn)
  7. Lapland Shield - type 1 & - type 2 - Obverse
  8. German Red Cross Decoration 1934 - Grand Cross. Only a handful were awarded. - Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring , Mussolini Göring can be seen in the picture wearing the neck cross
  9. He was awarded the HJ Honour Badge with oak leaves.
  10. I think this could be HJ Honour Badge with Oak Leaves
  11. You need to post pictures of both. If original, then advice could be given.
  12. Smithee

    SS Loyalty Award.

    This is a VERY POOR fake. Many things wrong.
  13. Griep, photos are they not in the Ailsby Collection?