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  1. Great pieces and a very generous gift. Thanks for showing Richard Jim
  2. That is a very nice pick up Graham.Nice to see with a photo of the ship as well. Thanks for showing it Jim
  3. Worth keeping on the forum for others to identify from I think Justin
  4. What is the size of this piece?
  5. I wouldn`t bother Greg. I have the revised edition from 1987. The information is available elsewhere and the books are expensive Jim
  6. Jim W.

    Just overjoyed

    Great news Justin. I can just imagine how you felt about losing the package. Looking forward to you posting your new arrivals Jim
  7. Jim W.

    Iron Cross

    Tree bark does like that doesn`t it
  8. Jim W.

    Iron Cross

    Thanks Justin. The KC is a micro 800 S &L and the DKiG is a Zimmermann. The Knights Cross came from a dealer I have dealt with for many years and came direct from the family.It was a posthumous award hence its superb condition. Jim
  9. SA badges I think are a great design .
  10. Jim W.

    I propose a toast!

    I love those Richard.
  11. Jim W.

    My "starting" collection

    Marlow, Nice piece and good luck with your collection. I love wound badges and there are some very knowledgeable members of the forum who will help and advise you. Jim
  12. Thank you Jerry for posting this. It is really interesting and something I knew absolutely nothing about. There is so much to learn about our hobby. Thanks to you and Graham for your most valuable input Jim
  13. Thanks for that information Graham, I had no idea what it was. Jim
  14. Just picked this one up., 1914 Star issued to John Gookey 7274 1 Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment. He arrived in France on 13th August 1914. He was killed in action attacking High Wood on the Somme with 3rd Brigade (2 Welsh Brigade) on 8 September 1916 when the battalion suffered 28% casualties including 68 killed . Reading the war diary, the British artillery fell short causing casualties amongst our own. The attack went in at 6pm on 8 Sept and by 4am on 9th the brigade withdrew to their starting point. John is buried at Delville Wood CWGC cemetery at Longueval.
  15. I recently picked up this one to an early entrant to France & Flanders with 4/Middlesex Regiment. Wounded in the hip 13th October 1914 and spent the rest of the war as a POW