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  1. Thanks for posting . Great collection Jim
  2. Stewy

    Bart, I hope you get somewhere with Norfolk Police .I`d be interested to see if they do anything. Jim
  3. Happy New Year

    Happy New year to all on the forum. I wish you all the very best for 2018 Best wishes to all from England Jim
  4. Thank you Graham. My faith in you proved right as I knew it would
  5. Hi Graham, thanks for the reply and ofcourse you can use the images Jim
  6. Jerry, and that is what will eventually ruin our hobby. You are right, it is good we have knowledgeable people like Graham to advise us.
  7. Indian 1914 Star

    I have a couple of 1914 Stars to Indian units Jerry. No MIC available in the UK for our Indian soldiers, well not that I know of. Yes, I`m happy with it.As I am now focussing on 1914 Stars, I`m just adding these great soldiers into my collecting area. They had such a tough time in that first winter.
  8. Just had this arrive, awarded to Sapper Ali Muhammed 3 Sappers and Miners who attacked Neuve Chapelle on 28th October 1914 and suffered heavy losses
  9. Could I ask our resident collectors if you think this badge is an original and if so from what period? Thanks in advance Jim
  10. Show us your Best of 2017 !

    My 2017 purchase would have to be this group awarded to a 9th Lancer. It includes his 1914 trio, cigarette case, badges and photographs of him pre war in a frame , post war in Cologne 1919 and as a civilian. This man would have been involved in the charging of the German guns at Audregnies 24th August 1914
  11. Fantastic collection Jim
  12. "Conservation" display cases

    Thanks for posting this Joel. Great stuff Jim