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  1. What a great photo.Thanks for posting Jim
  2. Mark, You are correct, he emigrated to Canada sometime after WW1. Jim
  3. I recently picked up this 1914 trio group to an 18th Hussar
  4. Just visited the tank again. My last visit was 26 years ago
  5. Beautiful stuff Kevin. I love paperwork and this set is just superb!! Jim
  6. Wonderful pieces Graham, absolutely outstanding Jim
  7. I have been looking for a decent 1914 Star to an Indian for a while. Managed to pick this one up Jim
  8. That is a nice badge, I have not seen one before. Thanks for posting Jim
  9. I picked this one up at Stratford Medal fair on Sunday. Not really my collecting field currently but he is a local man to me from Leicester. Private John Bassford. He was wounded on 14th July 1916 at Bazentin on the Somme serving with 6th Leicesters and transferred to 2/5 Lincolnshire's after recovering from his wound. He was taken a POW at Bullecourt on 21st March 1918. He volunteered for service on 15th August 1914 and was employed as a "Shoehand" at Leavesley and North in Leicester before and after the war.
  10. I just picked up this group to a 9th Lancers. 1914 trio photos etc. Charles Brown landed in France on 15th August 1914. No doubt he was involved in the charge of the German guns at Audregnies on August 1914. Jim
  11. £25 the lot plus fees and postage Jim
  12. £30 the lot. The 1933 badge is missing its pin Plus any fees and postage