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  1. Remembering the events at Loos 102 years ago today.
  2. Excellent pick up Dave
  3. Remembering A/Sgt Paul Boll 170 Baden Infantry Regiment who was awarded this Golden Military Service Cross on 9th October 1918 for actions I think, during the second phase of the German Spring offensive in April 1918, Operation Georgette. This is the NCO and other ranks equivalent of the Blue Max which was awarded to officers only. During the National Socialist period,the soldiers who received this medal were awarded lifelong pensions and given honorary commissions in the Landwehr during WW2.Nice to have a photo of Boll wearing his award and a 1958 letter from the holders old comrades association.One of my favourite pieces awarded to a very brave man
  4. bragging

    Excellent piece. Well done
  5. Great collection
  6. I`m just back from a trip following the BEF from Mons to the Marne and up to Ypres. I have been wanting to visit the site of the first VCs at Mons where Lt Dease and Pte Godley, 4 Royal Fusiliers held off the enemy with a machine gun on the railway bridge over the canal. It was touching to see wreaths from Godleys Grandson and Great Grandson under the bridge
  7. Panzer Kuban Shield

    Great collection Gordon. Shields are beautiful items in my opinion. I have Krim and Kuban only now, but had quite a collection of these myself once. Thanks for showing Jim
  8. Theft of Dambuster Logbook

    What a total scumbag!!
  9. Panzer Kuban Shield

    Superb Gordon Jim
  10. I don`t like the catch but no expert on these. Have a look at this one a 50 but by the same maker https://www.emedals.com/a-general-assault-badge-grade-iii-50-by-rudolf-karneth-50947 Jim
  11. Always has been over priced in my opinion, ridiculously so with many items. A painted "Gallipoli star" in what I consider to be poor condition for £275. He`s having a laugh
  12. Who can I trust? Golden Party Badges

    Check out this site. It is full of useful information and certainly helps in identifying fakes http://pages.interlog.com/~sjl/GPB/ IIt can be quite easy to ID fakes once you find out the basics and what to look for on originals. These include the "S" and the "I" on the enamelling which once you get the hang of you can ID easily. ErichS is a great help and is a fountain of knowledge and advised me when I purchased mine Jim
  13. Great pieces and thanks for posting Jim
  14. Dinky Stuka 721

    That bought back some memories. I also have the Spitfire in which you placed a battery and the propellor worked. Thanks for posting Jim
  15. This group was awarded to a Leutnant in Machine gun detachment 27 and it comes complete with the HoH award certificate. The box containing the collection is something I put together Jim