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  1. Jerry. There was the wound stripe, worn vertically on the lower sleeve.
  2. Silver plated. Marked JR GAUNT LONDON, and P for plated.
  3. Just to add to Marcus's identification of the KOYLI collar badges. From what I can see they appear to be soldered together to make a 'sweetheart' badge/brooch. Graham.
  4. Thanks for the link Richard. Thought I would add this youtube video of the airworthy Mosquito. Graham
  5. Dropped by the Mosquito Museum at Salisbury Hall today. They have three Mossies including the prototype and various other DH aircraft. Graham.
  6. There was quite a large traders area. Most of the Militaria was TR. Other stalls catered for the reenactors. I didn't buy anything. Graham.
  7. Some pictures from this years Tankfest at Bovington. Graham
  8. A good selection of variants Marcus. Graham.
  9. 23rd Hussars by any chance. Have a great holiday. Graham
  10. Another gem has come my way. An officer's 22nd Dragoons silver and gilt collar badge. Marked S. Graham.
  11. The large cap badge type is an OSD collar badge. Sealed in 1903 and still listed in the 1934 dress regs as such. The others are a pair of officer's bronze collars with the cross and horseshoe in silver. These are found in V/C, flat top V/C [like these] and K/C which according to 'Colin Churchill's book were not introduced until c1920. Graham.
  12. All my WRC badges. The 23rd Hussars at the bottom showing the MM on the slider is a copy/fake. The RAC, RAOC and Artificers are cast Indian made badges that came with the cast 26th Hussars. Graham.
  13. Other ranks collar badges. One Victorian crown, the other Kings crown. Also a K/C button. Graham.