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  1. Yes, most likely. The US went in for 'launch' souvenirs and challenge coins. I have had a good search online but haven't come across anything similar to a RN ship. The reverse is blank btw. Graham.
  2. A good website covering Escort carriers including HMS Ranee. http://www.royalnavyresearcharchive.org.uk/ESCORT/RANEE.htm#.WpLUmGrFLIV
  3. I bought this at an antique fair last week for a couple quid. Turns out HMS Ranee was an Escort carrier. Built in the US and transferred to the Royal Navy on 8.11.43. She was returned to the US after the war. In 1948 she was sold to be used as a merchant ship and was renamed 'Friesland'. Renamed 'Pacific Breeze' in 1967 and was finally scrapped in Taiwan in 1974. The question is what exactly is the item I have ? Some sort of commemorative token I should think. Graham
  4. This post will not be much use in the future without the pic so I hope Minijar does not mind me adding it here. Jerry. Do you think they are numerals on the collar ? I can't make out the uniform. I notice it has no breast pockets.
  5. This Bedfs & Herts Regt OSD cap badge is maker marked J&Co. Jennens & Co were bought by JR Gaunts in 1924. Jennens had been a prestigious maker, in fact Gaunts marked some badges 'late Jennens' for some time. This badge is of excellent quality and would have been made between 1919 and 1924. The badge came with a single collar badge which is unmarked but of good quality. Graham.
  6. Hertfordshire Yeomanry

    Just got this 1953-1961 Hertfordshire Yeomanry officers cap badge on long lugs. it is marked P for plated and is maker marked JR GAUNT LONDON Graham.
  7. Keeping with the smoking paraphernalia I also have this lighter. Not sure of the vintage but I suspect late 40's/50's.
  8. Hallmarked silver cigarette case. Made to commemorate 250 years of the Regiment 1688 to 1938. Presented to Sgt J Hawkins.
  9. A Firmin maker marked 22 Dragoons that has been plated. Graham.
  10. It's been a good month for 25th Dragoons. Here are a pair of Officers Indian made collar badges. Graham.
  11. Interesting it has the Gloucestershire Regt back badge attached. The Regiment was given the unique honour of wearing a badge on the back of their caps to commemorate fighting back to back at the battle of Alexandria in 1801. Graham.
  12. Berkhamsted School OTC

    Fairly rare to find on a slider I would say. Not to hard to find on lugs. It's the slider that confirms its a cap badge. They are often mistaken for Hertfordshire yeomanry. Infact this was listed as such on ebay.
  13. Worn as a collar badge and also on the field service cap and slouch hat by the 2nd [Hertfordshire] Volunteer battalion The Bedfordshire Regt. Berkhamsted School cadet corps were affiliated to the 2nd VB so also wore this badge. It continued in use after 1908 as the Berkhamsted School OTC cap badge.
  14. My first, well, first WRC purchase of the year. 25th Dragoons officers silver plate and gilt cap badge.