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  1. I have recently acquired this cast, Indian made, second pattern, 26th Hussars cap badge.It is on lugs. Not sure if one has been replaced as such but they are certainly different. I have pictured it with my first pattern cast badge and my [Gaunt] die struck badge. Graham
  2. Another recent addition. A 24th Lancers OSD collar badge.
  3. http://tank-photographs.s3-website-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/Houfflaize-panther-tank-1944-battle-bulge-ww2.html This is the tank that has stood for many years in Houfflaize. It will return there once restored.The tour guide told us that some personal items and a small amount of human remains have been found inside.
  4. The Hallmarked pair are very nice. Graham.
  5. Been awhile since I have added anything to the collection. I bought this pair of 'S' marked silver and gilt officers 22nd Dragoons collar badges recently. I have pictured them with the single I already have to show the different construction and positioning of the 'S'. Graham.
  6. Some of my holiday snaps.

    This is the other side of the Sherman in the Bastogne museum. Viewed from the rear of the tank. Must have been a massive explosion inside the Sherman.
  7. wrench

    Sure I have a similar one in the garage somewhere. I have never looked to see if it has any marks.
  8. Some of my holiday snaps.

    We just had time before catching the ferry to visit the museum at Dunkirk/Dunkerque and a quick look at the beach. Graham.
  9. Some of my holiday snaps.

    In and around Waterloo. We went to the Wellington museum. Napoleon's last HQ. The lion mound and visitors center. Hougoumont. Mont-Saint-Jean [used as a field hospital. Now a micro brewery]. La Haie Sainte.
  10. Some of my holiday snaps.

    Onto Bastogne. Where we visited the 101st AB museum. Bastogne barracks [which had been the 101st HQ during the battle]. McAuliffe Square. The Bastogne war museum. The Mardasson memorial and the foxholes at Bois Jacques. I took loads of pics of tanks and other military vehicles at the Bastogne Barracks which I may put in another post.
  11. A few pictures from a recent trip to Belgium. We did two days in Ypres, two days in Bastogne and two days in Waterloo. Also managed a couple of hours in Dunkirk on the way home. Up first,Ypres. We visited the Menin gate. In Flanders fields museum. Hill 60. Hooge crater. Sanctuary wood, Hill 62. Brandhoek cemetery and Tyne cot cemetery.
  12. Think I am seeing V dash dot dot dot. V for victory done wrong . Morse for V is dot dot dot dash. Graham