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  1. To the best of my knowledge the idea with WW1 economy badges was to save labour costs involved soldering bi/metal badges together. This all g/m 1st Kings Dragoon Guards looks a nice badge but is soldered together from two parts so by that logic I think this must be fake. But it would be nice to be proved wrong.
  2. WW1 Jet....Apparently ???

    That's much better.
  3. Oh dear. And these people were voted in.
  4. Airborne forces

    Army Air Corps. w/m. 1940-1950. AAC. plastic ww2 economy. AAC. A/A. post 1957. by Firmin London.
  5. Airborne forces

    WW2 economy plastic Parachute Regt. A little misshapen which is not unusual.
  6. Eric-Jan Bakker

    Sorry to hear the sad news. My condolences to his family and friends. Graham
  7. I too feel I have pushed the boat out a bit this year. I am planning on raining in my spending, at least until after Christmas. Graham.
  8. Also got these 25th Dragoons cast, Indian made shoulder titles. Graham.
  9. On the subject of 25th Dragoons I have recently acquired this OSD cap badge.
  10. Thank you for your reply JM. So the side with 'SS' has been added. I bought these two together for £5 at the weekend. Part of the missing piece of the Croix de Juillet was stuck on the Légion d’honneur with blue tack. What a shame. I suspect someone has dug the centers out to cash the gold in. [If they were even gold]. Graham
  11. I have been searching the internet but have been unable to identify this medal. There is a part missing from the center. I would be greatful for any help. Thank you. Graham
  12. Thank you Jerry. Finding is one thing. Affording is another. I have sold off a few items so I can put the money towards my WRC collection but I am going to have to find something else to part with I think.
  13. A pair of 22nd Dragoons o/r's shoulder titles. Graham.
  14. I have recently acquired this cast, Indian made, second pattern, 26th Hussars cap badge.It is on lugs. Not sure if one has been replaced as such but they are certainly different. I have pictured it with my first pattern cast badge and my [Gaunt] die struck badge. Graham
  15. Another recent addition. A 24th Lancers OSD collar badge.