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  1. Graham

    Happy Birthday Wishes

    Many thanks Marcus. Yes a good day and got a couple of 7th Dragoon Guards badges. W/M 1898 TO 1906 and G/M 1906 to 1922. Graham.
  2. Just got the 24th Lancers [thanks Malcom]. The 22nd Dragoons has been converted from slider to lugs. The 23rd Hussars has a small strengthening piece soldered to the reverse where the crown attaches. Graham.
  3. The voided lower tail feathers on the 26th Hussars is an interesting variation. That gives me something to keep an eye out for. The only WRC badge I have picked up lately is this 25th Dragoons OSD collar badge.
  4. Graham

    Suffolk Regiment

    Not overly long David. Your thoughts ?
  5. I had no idea what this was when I bought it. The EOF rang a bell but that was about it. Looking at it when I got home the penny dropped I was looking at crossed mortar bombs. I bought it in Woburn Bedfordshire and the seller said it had come from a house clearance with a Bedfs & Herts Regt sweetheart badge. This leads me to think EOF is Elstow Ordnance Factory. I posted it on another forum and have been advised PAD is Passive Air Defence. Graham.
  6. Found this grotty MKIII outside an antique shop. Purchased for £20. I made a few spiders homeless when I took an airline to it to blow the years of cobwebs out. The original paint has been painted over in a desert sand colour and again in green. Remains of decals [RA ?] can be seen. Found the makers detail TTC on the MKII liner. Dated 194?. Why is it always the last number that is hard to read ! Graham
  7. My 25th Dragoons slip on shoulder titles. Top. Officers. Mid. o/r's. Worn on everything except walking out dress and dress blues. Bot. o/r,s. Worn on khaki drill for walking out.
  8. Generally the Home Guard wore the cap badge of their local county infantry Regiment. For a more indepth look at HG insignia I would suggest you try to get hold of a copy of John Mills and Terry Carney's book, 'In the space of a single day'. The insignia and Uniforms of the LDV and Home Guard 1940-1944 and 1952-1956. Graham
  9. Wasn't sure where to post this. I have had this badge for a while. Made from 925 silver with a gilt and enamel finish. Maker marked S.A.M. I have searched the internet but with no luck. So does anyone know anything about the Society of Ancient Mariners ? Also marked First Sea Lord. Thank you. Graham.
  10. Thanks for the reply to this old post Anthony. I had not seen the other badges before. A very different format to the First Sea Lord badge. Graham.
  11. A recent gift from Marcus. (Many thanks). An osd, die struck bronzed collar badge. (Left). With an o/r's for comparison.
  12. That picture has not come out well. Downloaded from my phone. Seem to get better results from my laptop. Marcus, I was thinking the w/m collar badge was officers. [Going by Seamans]. Graham.
  13. Here are all my 24th Lancers so far.
  14. I have recently picked up another 24th Lancers OSD collar badge which completes the set.
  15. The middle badge is The Herefordshire Light Infantry. Post 1949. Graham
  16. As pretty much explained by Marcus and Jerry, the Div signs in the 1st post are 'Brabant' weave. A type of weaving used post Liberation. Bruno Boulanger in his book 'ww2 British formation badges', grades them as R2= Less common. Graham.
  17. Never seen one of those. Similar pump to the Infants gas mask. Graham
  18. I have recently acquired a second 24th Lancers Officers No1 dress collar badge, which completes this set. Graham.
  19. Graham

    The old age debate!

    I have got T shirts older than that.
  20. The replacement lug to the left and original to the right. So there you have it. Should you encounter any of these they are original unissued badges but they have been relugged. I thought it was worth documenting this for future reference. Graham.
  21. Almost embarrassed to to show this after 26th Hussars arm badges shown by Marcus. At a militaria fair last year I spotted what appeared to be a genuine 26th Hussars in a large box of repro/fake badges. They were priced at £2 each. After a rumage I found several more. The dealer told me he had bought loads of badges from Gaunt over twenty years ago. He said he had a box full of 26th Hussars and had cut the lugs of many of them to use on other badges. He recently had soldered modern lugs back on and had chucked them in his £2 repro box. He asked me if I would like a pair with the original lugs. He also had the original box they came in from Gaunts. So next time I saw him I bought the pair [as they are collar badges] with original lugs for £2 each. He gave me the box. The odd thing is the box refers to the badges with ' shanks '. Which most collectors call sliders. But all the badges had lugs. Graham.
  22. Graham

    Subscriptions - Help HWMF

    Thank you Bart. Graham
  23. Graham

    Subscriptions - Help HWMF

    I am still an enlisted member. When I click the link to pay to become a Forum Patron a message pops up saying I have already paid. I have sent Bart a few messages but as yet have not had a reply. What's going on ? Graham
  24. To start here are two pre 1906 lugged b/m badges. They are not from the same die. Note the shape of the buckles on the strap. Graham.