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  1. What about the "Freikorps Adolf Hitler" ? As you know there is a mention of them in a combat situation in Berlin ? Not much to go on on this extremly late unit, but as far as I have found it it was a preposal of dr. Ley to Hitler in late march of 1945... Each Gau was supposed to find volunteers in the party(or associated)ranks and send them to the battlefield... I have found some mention of combat engagements of this FAH but only thing in Berlin is the story from the Panzer Bear...
  2. Hi Peter, my main interest is the Volkssturm too :) Very interesting to see some indepth on the Berlin VS, unfortunatly it is rare to find anything about VS in company seize... Many battalions are mentioned, but it is rare to find accounts... But there is some
  3. it says BMB which is the famous Briggs Motor Bodys factory that made this shell, a very commen manufacturer...
  4. it says "silver wound badge" --- F.D.R is "fur die reichteigtheit" -------- something like "signature is proof"
  5. bragging

    the frame is an old timer with a curved glass, but not silver though :) or perhaps a print of Splitter tarn camo would be good ?
  6. 999 Penal Battalion

    Do you collect penal batt ? A friend of mine has a visor cap for sale ? Its pretty busted, but its penal :)
  7. bragging

    I was thinking perhaps a print of the German Erlass that puts into play the Pz-Vernichtungs badge ?
  8. 91 Luftland Division

    a very interesting SB for sure
  9. bragging

    what do you think of the set-up in the glass frame ? perhaps I should find another background ?
  10. bragging

    Hi guys I thought I just might rub your noses in this baby :) http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=931268
  11. ID on medals part 2

    great link thanks a lot :)
  12. ID on medals

    alright, thanks :)
  13. ID on medals part 2

    Thanks Jerry :)
  14. ID on medals part 3

    thanks for answer, so it is British ? about the bar I find out what it says :)
  15. CMS show in Denmark this year

    My group lived in that hut for 3 days, and btw pic 1 far right 2 Pz-Faust ? Thats me :)