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  1. bragging

    the frame is an old timer with a curved glass, but not silver though :) or perhaps a print of Splitter tarn camo would be good ?
  2. 999 Penal Battalion

    Do you collect penal batt ? A friend of mine has a visor cap for sale ? Its pretty busted, but its penal :)
  3. bragging

    I was thinking perhaps a print of the German Erlass that puts into play the Pz-Vernichtungs badge ?
  4. 91 Luftland Division

    a very interesting SB for sure
  5. bragging

    what do you think of the set-up in the glass frame ? perhaps I should find another background ?
  6. bragging

    Hi guys I thought I just might rub your noses in this baby :) http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=931268
  7. ID on medals part 2

    great link thanks a lot :)
  8. ID on medals

    alright, thanks :)
  9. ID on medals part 2

    Thanks Jerry :)
  10. ID on medals part 3

    thanks for answer, so it is British ? about the bar I find out what it says :)
  11. CMS show in Denmark this year

    My group lived in that hut for 3 days, and btw pic 1 far right 2 Pz-Faust ? Thats me :)
  12. Thought I just share a couple of pic from a militaria show I did earlier this year :) My group came as a Volks Grenadier Zug and fought the Americans somewhere in France late 1944
  13. these seems to be American ?
  14. Modern medals it seems ?
  15. ID on medals

    Can anyone help indentify these 2 babies ? Thank you :)