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  1. Hi guys, what you think of this ID disk ?
  2. always looking :)
  3. hi guys, a friend of mine just gor himself a Webley WW2 marked :) nice piece for sure.. but he wonders what this stamp is ?
  4. Oh man thats great :) Thanks for info --
  5. Possible I have no glue
  6. excelllent paper lot ! i am very jalous
  7. I would use paypal.. because they will cover your money if you recive nothing, or something completly different then ordered.. the bank transfeer is cheaper, but if you get screwed the bank wont help you.. so unless a know FB friend or dealer I would ask for PP
  8. big welcome
  9. if there sould be any Volkssturm SBs or some late-war unit that fought in some of the German fortress citys I could be interested :)
  10. Nice pieces :) so you have any P44 gear ? I am working on putting a complete webbing gear together, all 1945 dated..
  11. well goes to show that anything has been fraud these days... but good thing the seller refunded and also set for sale as a repro.. not all sellers would do that ... sure you can write "return garantee" but in the end if the seller dosent, what can be done about it ? the leather was surely put there to hide the God damn black light disco !
  12. very interesting :) its just great when you can find eyewitness accounts from a specific units actions..
  13. seems the schrapnel came flying from below the soldiers head, and through the helmet.. crazy ! nut sure he survived this ..
  14. It seems a bid hefty, from Bau-Poineer to Fallschirm, and then the LW tank badge.. No doubt many soldiers was transfered to totally different units just be a stroke of a pen in late war... But he would have been given the EK2 too, if he got the LW tank badge.. Never seen a soldier get only one of those, the EK2 would have followed the LW badge