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  1. I see, well why not ? :) great info thx man
  2. sorry it says 12 gliders :) but same question
  3. but I have one question for you -- it says "6 Horsa gliders" was found and taken, but does that mean that the British supplied this bunch of "partizans" ? The Horsa glider is a British plane ?
  4. well I am very jalous about this hole grouping ! its just crazy, nothing short !
  5. cant belive my eyes ! that is your paper work ?
  6. Hi Steve, I would think that a dealers shop is too expensive... Look on the "for sales" adds here, and if you get anything offered ALWAYS show it on a public thread here, so everybody has a chance to get a look at it --- saves you the troubles we all been through early collecting... the troubles of fakes, and there is sooooo very many out there ! I have a Bread bag in well-used condition(means frontline used)with a matching carry strap all well stamped if interested :) Besides that I can find other ods and pieces for you
  7. SS

    M drove a Sundap MC and never fired a rifle in anger... It wasent his job, simple as that ! he drove his MC about in the Demjanks Kettle on the so-called "Roll-Bahn" made of lugs but in the swampy ground.. the FD commander v.Schalburg once called him "my favorite ordonnans" after M had delivered a message ,this was back in Treskau and it was a drill... M is still proud of this today !
  8. SS

    F told another story, he said that in late 44 and early 45 they had so many Panzer-Faust that these babys was just laying about everywere --- but one time a T-34 crossed their trench in perfect firing range and F reached to grab a Faust ! ----- but for once, there was none where he was standing, and the T-34 blazed off, and was gone ! He thinks he would have hit if if, only if, a God damn Faust had been in his neck of the woods at that time..
  9. SS

    But their contracts was fulfilled in thai manor: even though M had signed up for "Kriegsende" his contract was changed to the minimum of 3 years... And so, they did fulfill contract, only the contract was changed in SS HQ... a couple of hundred I think took this way out... most stayed and joined the Reg.24
  10. SS

    the reason is that the Freikorps DK was never meant as a fully fleshed SS unit... at first they were supposed to wear Danish army uniforms, but that was quickly forgotten as the Danish army uniform was just about same color of brown as the Soviet army... they were supposed to be an somewhat independent unit, under the flag of Dannebrog, command language Danish, and personel Danish.. but the leadership of the SS saw that this was very difficult to handle, it was easier if all SS was in about the same top-leadership.. the newly formed Regiment 24 Danmark was to house the volunteers, but they were actually given the chance to leave ! this means that the SS leadership also recognized that the FD was not the same type of SS unit as the Reg.24 would be..
  11. SS

    well yes Kentucky, and as I stated I think it is an one-time occasion ! but read up on the FD and you will find that it actually happened... i think the only foreign volunteers that got to leave service !
  12. SS

    One story that made an impression on me is one mr.F told me... He was "Begleit Infantrie" on a Tiger tanks "somewere in Poland" and the Tiger had halted and opened fire down a road... It was night time and the Begliet Inf spread out on the field nearby... But a farmhouse or barn was burning close by, so the B-Inf started talking "the Tiger can be seen miles away" and stuff like that... The Tiger stood as a nice shadow against the flaming building... But before they could warn the crew the Tiger got hit, again and again and again ! Shortly after, the next day or the day after, mr.F was by chance in a cellar of a house that was used as an first aid station... Under the table there was a soldier laying, all wrapped in bandage ! The mummy said "dont you recognize me" ?? it was the commander of the Tiger, and F asked him "who got away" ?? (from the wreck) and the mummy answered "me" !
  13. SS

    sorry, I mean the FD guy could wither stay and fulfill contract AND join the new SS unit OR be sent back home.. sorry for that :)
  14. SS

    well yes, the first guy M joined the Freikorps Danmark in 1941, when it was first put up... he knew German, could ride a horse, so he was put in service as an ordonnans in the FD.. served until 1943 when the all-Danish unit was disbanded and as a first and last, the volunteers was asked if they wished to fulfill their contracts or stay on in a new SS unit --- no longer all Danish ! M choose to leave Mr.F is an ethnic German, a so-called Volksdeutsche and he is a Danish citizen --- but his parents and grand parents are of German descent but got "left behind" when the new border between Denmark and Germany was drawn in 1920... F could not expect to be drafted as he was a Dane so he volunteered... Many Danes with a Volksdeutsche background was sent to Totenkopf division, and so was he ! he ended up in the Theodor Eicke regiment ,but lucky he was wounded in feb of 1945 in Hungary... this meant that he was in hospital in Flensburg when the war ended, and so he escaped being handed over to the Russians as was the bulk of the Totenkopf division...