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    Japanese swords. Third Reich.British cap badges.
  1. Hi. My name is Tony B and my interests are collecting and some times selling -Japanese swords,Third Reich items and English cap badges. I read on your forum statements recently about a certain seller of Third Reich items who advertises his items on the webb. I have never bought anything from his site but this is my experience of him which may shed some light. A number of years ago i travelled to the other end of the country to a well known auction house that had a good collection of genuine Third Reich items in their catalogue.There were also up for auction at the same a good number of really excellent copies of various Third Reich items. These copies had been cataloged as copies and given very low reserves.I managed to win the genuine items and then became worried because this dealer never raised his hand to bid against me but he did win all the repro items.I asked the auctioneers arms expert to confirm that the items i had won were genuine. His answer was certainly. When i asked him why this Third Reich dealer never bid against me his reply was and i quote.' There is not enough profit for him in genuine items but on the odd occasion when we have one or two really good copies he buys them all.' unquote. This was my only experience with this person. Tony B Hi all. The only Third Reich dealer i knew in the saleroom was Jamie Cross. He won all the reproduction items at the auction. The bidding was fierce with many hands going up. He won every lot and he paid quite a lot of money for the items much much more than their estimates. But afterall they were excellent copies and it was only the honesty and knowledge of the auctions military expert that they were catalogued as such because they would have fooled me.. Tb.