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  1. Vid

    Happy Birthday Wishes

    Thank you Sir!
  2. Vid

    AH 1933 Badge

    Its a fantasy badge
  3. Its a fantasy badge.
  4. This bird was slate black, lighting made it look grey.
  5. Yes, thought you would apprecaite that. ;o) She was a little girl when her parents got the piece and the photo is taken in Coburg at their home. Parents migrated to the Staets in the late 1970's and bought the chandelier with them. Amazing really.
  6. Yes, its close but the shades are different in that photo. That one was from a residence in Coburg where the girl grew up.
  7. Will look like this which was its original home.
  8. I think I need to get this light up, little bigger
  9. John, You have gone squirrel crazy! Nothing beats the Allach but you have some very nice pieces there, I like the bookends with that heavy deco. Are they metal?. Best, Kris
  10. Like tater chips, can't eat just one.
  11. Free is the best price for these items.
  12. Almost a no brainer off the front alone. 100%