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    Heer Cloth Insignia, Wurttemberg Infantry shoulder straps, RW IR13 Insignia and TR IR56 insignia. I am always on the look out for Ulm/Neu Ulm related tinnies and items.I like to talk about Heer cloth insignia too!!

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  1. Hello, Both of these pieces are nice originals. Are there any making on the back of the metal cap edelweiss? Fred
  2. Fred Green

    M43 Ski Cap

    Hello, The "T" form insignia is reproduction. The edelweiss and cap buttons look good. The markings are bad and the hat itself is bad. Fred
  3. Hello, What is the RBN? I couldn't make out the number. Fred
  4. Hello, I agree with Jan and partially with J Phillip. This was an original M43 tunic at one time and converted to the M44 style. I believe the conversion was done either in the field or postwar but it was never reconditioned in any type of facility. Here are my beliefs about this tunic: 1. Collar tabs are nice original and appears to be nice original application 2. Breast eagle has been replaced. Great wear on the eagle absolutely no wear on the thread that it is sewn with. 3. Handsewn button holes. 4. Replaced shoulder boards. Expected. 5. Waistband is incorrectly emplaced on the tunic by a tailors standpoint. There is no ease of the body in to the waistband. It is just body sewn to waistband. Compare that to known original pieces. 6. Lining attachment attachment to the waist band again improperly tailored. A raw edge of a rayon material would not be left like this. It would have been folded under. 7. Waistband attachment . Absolutely mint thread used. No wear what so ever. AT best, IMHO, this tunic was a POW piece that a POW converted to try and make a ragged tunic appear to some uniform standard. Most likely it was done postwar by an individual to make something out of a ragged M43 tunic. This conversion was not done in a refurbishing point just by looking at the tailoring skill used. Fred
  5. Fred Green

    EM WH shoulderboard, medical

    Hello, You have a very nice pair of post 1940 medical enlisted shoulder boards. Fred
  6. Fred Green

    Uniform for ID

    Hello, I believe that it is a czech tunic. Not only the pocket flaps but look at the shoulder straps!! Those do not look like a typical german design to me!! Fred
  7. Hello Jan, Thank you for the extra shots. Looks great. Fred
  8. Hello Jan, Can you post a better front shot of the insignia so that is laying flat? Thanks. Is the roundel hand sewn like the eagle? That is a very nice looking hat. Fred
  9. Hello Hans, You have a very nice set of uniform material boards!! Very early and very nice. I see that there was a number picked out of them and that it has been upgraded from an Unteroffiziere to feldwebel. Fred