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  1. CaptainScarlet

    SS Badges and skull

    Thank you my friends, I didnt buy these ones ;)
  2. Thank you, I wish I could have spotted that! Any other opinions?
  3. Told that this was for sale by a friend, I believe that these are good items. They were bought at auction, and the seller wants within £100 for this little group. Is this too much? Plus, are they even original? Would love to get it confirmed by the experts :) Best regards,
  4. Hello all, come across these badges, and cap badges too. Could anyone please confirm their originality for me? Also, could someone please tell me how much i should pay for them? They look like to real deal to me, and just would like to get some more opinions on it :) Best regards
  5. Good evening all, I would like to thank everyone for their recent help in my quest to expand my collection, as well as my knowledge. Here I have picked up 4 medals, but my main one in question is the Silver medal of merit with swords. I am skeptical as always, but ould it be a good one? I have noticed that it is a silver medal of merit, But with a Bronze Medal of merit Ribbon? And what about the others? Many thanks for all your help, Best regards,
  6. CaptainScarlet

    2 New EK2's

    Well, had a look, the 1st one is made in 3 pieces, looks like a post war put together, and It IS Magnetic. However, the dirty one is NOT magnetic and is quite light. Looks like its made in 3 pieces though....
  7. CaptainScarlet

    2 New EK2's

    Thank you pierce, any other thoughts?
  8. CaptainScarlet

    Silesian Eagle medal

    I know, its not been my week today David :(
  9. CaptainScarlet

    Destroyer Badge Schwerin

    Thank you Hans, Haha its not a good week for me. Your help is very much appreciated!
  10. Good morning, picked this Destroyer badge up quite cheaply, probably because its been De nazified. Can anyone please confirm as to whether its good or not? I think its a good one. Thank you in advance
  11. CaptainScarlet

    Silesian Eagle medal

    Sadly I missed the bidding on this one, and couldnt make a bid :( So unfortunately, these are the only pics i have
  12. CaptainScarlet

    Silesian Eagle medal

    The Fact that it is of poor quality and also the rivets on the back are lacking in quality too. Further more, these were enameled black? And there is no trace of that on here. Plus, the simple fact that it was on Ebay makes me skeptical too ;)
  13. CaptainScarlet

    2 New EK2's

    The one on the left is possibly an after war put back together? :)
  14. Hello all, a recent find on my hunts. I believe this one is a fake, but would like conformation, to make sure im not missing out! Many thanks in advance, Kane :)
  15. CaptainScarlet

    Luftwaffe Pilots/Observer badge

    Ah ok thank you, good to know!