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  1. Babylon Berlin

    Hi Bart Not sure if this is available (yet) outside of Sky however, thought I would post the official trailer which gives a good flavour of the series. Hve now started watching the second series, which is every bit as good as the first. This really is worth watching. Regards Richard.
  2. Babylon Berlin

    I stumbled accross this completely by accident. 'Babylon Berlin' (currently showing on Sky Box Sets) is a drama set in the late 1920s in Berlin. With 8 episodes in the first series, I am now 6 episodes in and have to say it is an epic production. The attention to detail is excellent and the plot involves a deep cross section of Berlin society at the time. It has Polizei, Stalinist Trotskyites, White Russians, Bolsheviks, Pornographers, Gangsters and more. For those with the eye for period detail (this is not about the N.S.D.A.P. by the way) there are not only Polizei unforms on show but also Heer, Railway and Zoll, all added to extremely credible civilian attire shown, including SPD, CDU and everday Communists. The main characters are gritty, realistic and wholly believable, many of whom are still in the shadow of WWI, and the long and short of it is a detailed, action-packed, credible and highly watchable drama series. Watch it if you can. Regards Richard.
  3. The Luftwaffe Schiffchen is a very basic reporduction from top to bottom. Regards Richard.
  4. Happy New Year

    (Slightly late however , the sentiment is the same) Happy New Year for 2018, and happy hunting for all of your collections, but most of all good health to all. Regards Richard.
  5. Show us your Best of 2017 !

    Hi Paul Yes, I think March 1945 from memory (the photos are not here with me at the moment) is written on the reverse of one of the wedding photos, which would lead me to believe he probably saw the last few weeks of the war out, especially as he is not listed on any loss returns. Regards Richard.
  6. Show us your Best of 2017 !

    To be honest, I do not know as of yet. I haven't started the research piece yet as it has only been with me for a short time however, I do not think he is listed on any loss returns Regards Richard.
  7. Show us your Best of 2017 !

    Another nice addition for 2017 was this photographic set to a Bordfunker and DKiG holder from 7./Kampfgeschwader 1 "Hindenburg". Consisting of a very nice photo album which covered his time in training in the RAD, service in the Heer and eventually training in the Luftwaffe. Really nice content, plus the album is in excellent condition and all the seperating 'onion-paper' pages are present. The set also has many loose photos which include some stunning portrait photos (some of the nicest I have seen) plus photos of his Flugzeugfuhrer (an RK winner) and crew, and numerous aircraft images and Luftwaffe personnel. Really excellent content. It is safe to say he certainly liked having his photo taken! Lastly, is a colourised large framed portrait photo of the man wearing all his awards and his Flieger Dolch. A really nice photographic set which I am very pleased with. Regards Richard.
  8. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Merry Chritmas and a Happy New Year for 2018 to all. Regards Richard.
  9. Show us your Best of 2017 !

    I was lucky enough to add some really nice Luftwaffe paperwork sets/groupings to my collection in 2017, more than I was expecting! One of the nicest is this Kampfgeschwader 2 set to a Bordschutze who flew many missions over England, including several as part of 'Unternehmen Steinbock'. Alongside the Wehrpass, Urkunden, portrait photo, Auswies (x2) and Bordschutzenschein, are several post-war items relating to Kameradschaft KG 2 Treffens. Regards Richard.
  10. Happy Birthday Wishes

    Happy Birthday Ian! Regards Richard.
  11. Incredible depth of research and excellent presentation to support your findings. First class research throughout. Regards Richard.
  12. What a fascinating thread. Your level of research and subsequent presentation is quite something to read and enjoy. Regards Richard.
  13. Eric-Jan Bakker

    Eric-Jan offered an incredible amount of advice and support and imparted his quite incredible knowledge without reservation in helping myself in regards to our colecting interests. I learnt a great deal from him, and will always remember him as a true gentlemen in this hobby. RIP Eric-Jan Bakker. Regards Richard.
  14. What a fantastic level of research detail you have put together on this subject, for something which is obvious you have a true labour of love for. You are right in that there does not seem to be an exhaustively detailed and comprehensive publication on this subject to date however, in the posts above it is clear that you have the foundation for putting this ommision right. I look forward to further posts on this really informative thread. Regards Richard.
  15. Very nice Flugbuch indeed! Nice to see one carefully written out, making it so much easier to decipher. 30 Feindfluge during the Blitzkreig in the West is a real research opportunity. Are there any further entries in the Flugbuch at all? Regards Richard.