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  1. Very nice Flugbuch indeed! Nice to see one carefully written out, making it so much easier to decipher. 30 Feindfluge during the Blitzkreig in the West is a real research opportunity. Are there any further entries in the Flugbuch at all? Regards Richard.
  2. £675 for a cased Zimmermann EK 1 !!! As nice as the cross itself is (and it is very nice) that is way, way OTT and the market still has a plethora of cased EK 1 available at half of that price. Regards Richard.
  3. AR 102

    (That made me laugh out loud! ) A real result to find something like that which was literally thrown away with the rubbish. Nice well filled in Wehrpass and Ausmusterungsschein. Regards Richard.
  4. Very much out of the blue, I have just been informed that the signaturebelongs to Oberst Claus Jebens (DKiG). Regards Richard.
  5. Laurels for Prinz Wittgenstein

    I like ths signed bookplate, in fact (against my better judgement) I had a copy in my book collection and sold it on via e-bay. The reason I regret the decision os for the signatories of Oberfeldwebel Friedrich Ostheimer and Unteroffizier Herbert Kümmritz (DKiG), both Bordfunkers in Wittgenstein's crew when the Junkers Ju 88 crashed on 21 January 1944. While the remaining signatories signed a plethora of photographs and First Day Covers, these are two signatories who to the best of my knowledge this is the only example of their signatures together, and they were present in a defining moment for the leading Luftwaffe Nachtjaeger Asse at that moment in time. For me, that makes the bookplate well worth having. Regards Richard.
  6. WANTED: Paperwork.....

    Still looking for the following........ Luftwaffe Document Groupings & Single Items: Interested in any aircrew members Flugbucher, Urkunden, Soldbuch, Wehrpass, Leistungbuch, Scheinen and photograph albums from the Luftwaffe including Tagjager, Nachtjagd, Kampfflieger, Zerstorer, Stuka and Schlacht. I am in particular interested in Kampfgeschwader and Zerstorergeschwader items. Regards Richard.
  7. Nice pictures Graham. I visited the de Havilland Museum a few years ago myself although, to be truthful all I wanted to see were the 'Mossies' and even as static aircraft they are mightily impressive. Just out of interest concerning a Mosquito restored to flying condition; http://www.warbirdsnews.com/warbird-restorations/de-havilland-mosquito-tv959-arrived-flying-heritage-collection.html Regards Richard.
  8. A Sherman on the Beaches of Cornwall

    I am well familiar with that ferry crossing although, we (still do on occasion actually) go from Padstow to Rock, and when my Son was younger he always had to be the first off declaring it was Omaha beach at the other end! He loved it! Incidently, I have bumped into Rick Stein on a couple of occasions in Padstow and stopped for a quick chat, he really is a nice bloke. You are welcome to let me know when you next visit Padstow, and I will show you can get a decent pint of the local brown stuff. Regards Richard.
  9. N.J.G.1 soldbuch

    Nice Soldbuch, even with the water/damp damage. It looks like hs EK 2 was awarded while he was serving with 12./Nachtjagdgeschwader 1however, I cannot read the entry above from that scan. Regards Richard.
  10. Those are part of the 'Feifel' air filtration system, fitted to the initial and early production varients. The mid-production machines onwards did not have these fitted. Regards Richard.
  11. A Sherman on the Beaches of Cornwall

    Polzeath is indeed a lovely beach and you are quite close to Padstow, the trouble is guaging the time of year! I would recommend visiting St George's Cove for future reference (quite close to Polzeath), definatly a beach which has resisted the masses, even in peak times and the scenery is stunning. Unfortunately, I have to battle with the A30 roadworks every Friday and every Sunday in travelling to Lincolnshire for my work........it has to be finished soon! Regards Richard.
  12. A Sherman on the Beaches of Cornwall

    Marcus Which beach in Cornwall saw the 'Sand Sherman' created? I only ask as I live in Cornwall myself. Regards Richard.
  13. Very nice RKT signatures, especially...... Hauptmann Wolfgang Lippert who is a very scarce RKT signature indeed, and this is the first example I seen. Less than 3 months after he signed this document he was killed in Egypt. Excellent signatures and very nice documents! Regards Richard.
  14. 58th & 338th I.D. Soldbuch

    As I have posted on WAF; An excellent detailed research piece on this man, packed with insight, detail and information from all available material you have at your disposal. Simply first class research piece. Regards Richard.
  15. Very nice Wehrpass indeed Kevin! I always enjoy seeing these, especially to an eventual Gruppenkommandeur who had amassed 25 missions earlier over England, which is quite something in itself. Nice to see you were able to locate the Vermisstenbildliste images of himself and one other, and of course always nice to see an RK signature in a Wehrpass. Regards Richard.