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  1. Kevin I have always been interested in Operation Anthropoid, and those are excellent pictures from the key sites. It is a shame that the underpass and memorial are not looked after better although, to be honest there are several memorials in this country that are not looked after as well as they might be either. There is no doubt that these were very brave men indeed. I hope to visit Prague myself one day and visit the very same sights. I recently watched the 'Anthropoid' film and must admit to being felt a little let down by the portrayal however, I am currently reading 'HHhH' which I am enjoying very much indeed. Regards Richard.
  2. An award to a Flugzeugführer who flew with 3./Storkampfstaffel Luftflotte 4. The signatory is General der Flieger Otto Dessloch (RK, EL). Regards Richard.
  3. These are indeed nice items to further add to the Soldbuch, especially as the promotion document still has the accompanying folder (which is frequently missing) but realism has up and left if anyone thinks that is a realistic price to ask in the hope of a successful sale. 1540 euros is mind boggling in the extreme! Regards Richard.
  4. A Beobachter who flew with Kampfgeschwader 76 and Kampfgeschwader 54. He would eventually earn the DKiG, Ehrenpokal and the Frontflug-Spange für Kampfflieger in Gold mit Anhänger. A Frontflug-Spange für Kampfflieger is clearly evident on his Soldbuch identity photo. Regards Richard.
  5. Issued while serving as a Verwaltungsoffizier with Stab./Jagdgeschwader 3 "Udet", the recipient would end up fighting as a Leutnant with I./Fallschirm Artillerie Regiment 5 The signature is Oberst Hans-Joachim (Hajo) Herrmann. Regards Richard.
  6. Alberto I always enjoy seeing Kampfflieger Soldbucher! Really nice 9./Kampfgeschwader 4 "General Wever" Soldbuch you have there. I do not unfortunatly own 'the' KG 4 book by Gunderlach so I am unable to see if Wittenbrink is mentioned inside at all however, I can tell you that the Staka 13./KG 4 signatory on Page 3 is (later) Hauptmann Ernst Luckau (DKiG). Hope this helps. Regards Richard.
  7. My First Wehrpass was to this Stuka Bordfunker from 5./Stukageschwader 77. His unit assignments consisted of; 4./Fliegerausbildung Regiment 32 Uetersen 08-04-1939–09-07-1939 Flieger Kompanie Salzwedel 10-07-1939–16-10-1939 Fliegerhorst Kompanie Ludwigslust 19-10-1939–05-03-1940 20./Luftgau–Nachrichten–Regiment 6 06-03-1940–08-04-1940 4./Luft Nachrichten Schule 4 Budweis 09-04-1940–17-06-1940 2 B.A.K Lfl. Nachrichten Schule 5 18-06-1940–01-11-1940 3. (B.) Lfl. Nachrichten Schule 5 Erfurt 02-11-1940–13-02-1941 Schulerkompanie Sturzkampffliegerschule 1 Regensburg 14-02-1941–19-06-1941 Ergänzungs-Staffel Sturzkampfgeschwader 77 20-06-1941–31-07-1941 5./Sturzkampfgeschwader 77 01-08-1941–02-06-1942 .......and his awards are decorations; Frontflug-Spange für Kampfflieger in Bronze, Eiserne Kreuz II Klasse, Frontflug-Spange für Kampfflieger in Silber, Eiserne Kreuz I Klasse and Fliegerschützenabzeichen . He was shot down by Soviet Flak over Sevastopol on 02-June-1942 in Junker Ju 87 B-1 'S2+FN' with Flugzeugfuhrer Wenzel Fink. This is still my favourite Wehrpass photo!
  8. My first Soldbuch was this example to a member of the Boden Personnel of both Jagdgeschwader 26 "Schlageter", and 3./Jagdgeschwader 27. Two things sparked my interest in this Soldbuch. Firslty, the 2 signatures on Page 3 are of RKT Gerhard Homuth. As Staka 3./Jagdgeschwader 27, Homuth is widely regarded as the man who tamed the young Hans-Joachim Marseille, and is a seldom encountered signature. Secondly, is the fact that although Boden Personnel, this man would undoubtedly of had some (however slight) contact with Hans-Joachim Marseille as the Staffel was deployed to the desert in support of the Afrika Korps. Pages 1 & 2 are missing however, I really like this worn and incomplete piece for the above reasons.
  9. From where I sit really you do have a very desirable set of documents to a soldier who was without doubt a participant of the decisive battle at Stalingrad, that in itself is quite something which does warrant serious reflection. As somone who spends a great deal of time researching Luftwaffe document sets, there are frequently times when the subject of the documents cannot be directly attributed to a particular operation, battle or action, even though you know he was involved with the unit itself. I know it is frustrating however, it is domething which comes with the territory. In this case, it will probably never be ascertained with total certaintly whether he was encircled in the Kessel or not. That said, your documents did belong to a soldier involved in one of not the most, significant battle on the entire Eastern Front, that in itself is enough for it to be a worthy addition to any collection. Regards Richard.
  10. From your scan it appears to be a stamp, a close up will confirm it. Regards Richard.
  11. Happy New Year for 2017! (Stewy, I will let you know when I next visit the 'Out-Laws' in Norwich, and we can nip out for a pint down "The Fat Cat"!) Regards Richard.
  12. Excellent DKiG and NKSiS set Stewy! Always nice to see such a well filled in Soldbuch and several Urkunden together for such an experienced soldier. A perfect opportunity for a detailed research piece, and my fingers are crossed that you might be lucky in locating additional documents in the grouping. Regards Richard.
  13. I have already posted this example on the 'Battle of Britain Day' thread in this section however, I thought it worthy of posting again here considering it is from such a pivotal air battle in WWII. Eiserne Kreuz 2. Klasse awarded on 24-September-1940 by the Stabsstaffel/Kampfgeschwader 53 "Legion Condor" at the height of the Battle of Britain. The recipient would go on to be awarded the Eiserne Kreuz 1. Klasse the following day. This is the only example I have in my collection of EKs being awarded on consecutive days.
  14. I have some time to post a few other examples from my collection. An Aufklarungsflieger example this time, the recipient would go on to be awarded both the DKiG and Ehrenpokal and survive the war. 2.(Fern)/Aufklärungsgruppe 122 were based at Warschau at this time, and operated with both Messerschmitt Bf 110 and Junkers Ju 88 aircraft. Under the leadership of Gruppenkommandeur Oberstleutnant Fritz Köhler and Staffelkapitän Oberleutnant Gerhard Schwarz, 2.(Fern)/Aufklärungsgruppe 122 operated under the command of Luftflotte 2 in support of the Central Sector of the Eastern Front during the opening phases of Unternehmen Barbarossa.
  15. Lou You have picked up an excellent pair of electrically heated 'Channel Hose' there, it is very seldom to encounter both lanyards on the survival equipment pockets. Are all of the wiring looms and connectors present? and the zips fully functioning? Regards Richard.