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    Anything that catches my eye. 80% Canadian, the rest German Japan and other.
  1. German collection

    Exactly why Tr items are a small part of my collection. We cant be experts on everthing we come across. Fakers are ruining this hobby, they are even branching out into Canadian as well. Brian
  2. German collection

    last pic
  3. German collection

    Im not here for harsh and brutal responses
  4. German collection

    Thanks Mark. What a minefield out there for German items. I have one other item that I am not sure about, will try to get some pics. Its an alarm clock with luft markings but is an English clock? Cheers Brian
  5. ebaY section?

  6. German collection


    Quite a collection. I had often wondered if any of Hitlers actual uniforms survived. Cheers Brian
  8. Found this in a box of militaria, It may have been a pin at one time? Anyone seen one like this? Cheers Brian
  9. This is the only pin I have, I found it in my great grandmothers button drawer in her sewing machine. Had it about 50 years now. Cheers Brian
  10. German collection

    Please tell us what the crap is. The only thing I have been told is repro is the ss pennant. It is very well done with the rzm tag and even passes the burn test. Cheers Brian
  11. German collection

    The other side.
  12. German collection

    These are some recent acquires from a garage sale. Cheers Brian
  13. German collection

    Here is some recent acquires that I know or think are German. The cleaning kit is marked G. Appel 1935. Not sure about the shoulders. Cheers Brian
  14. German collection

    Pistol is a deactivated Walther model 9, 6.35 mm. Missing parts when I got it, found a side plate on e-bay but still looking for a trigger and mechanism. Have a repro trigger but does not seem to fit right. Have not been able to find a parts diagram to Id missing parts or what they look like. Cannot be made to fire but would still like to make it complete. Cheers Brian
  15. German collection

    more pics