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  1. Migster

    U-Boat 190

    I just checked historisches-marinearchiv.de site and no name came up. and i checked my files and also came up with no luck. Sorry mate. :(
  2. Anyone have a clue as to what boat this is?
  3. Anyone have an idea which boat this is? Thanks. Migster
  4. Migster

    Anyone know what U-boat this is?

    Yes it is Chamberlain holding Churchill's hand but have no defined answer to which boat it belongs, it has to be one of the two lol Thank you Migster P.S. Great site by the way, love discussing this stuff, my Wife can't stand it lol. I could talk about this all day long lol.
  5. Type II but think its possible that it's U-56? Thank you, Migster.
  6. Migster

    Kapitänleutnant who?

    Thank You both
  7. Migster

    Kapitänleutnant who?

    Can anyone help in naming this Kapitänleutnant? Thanks, Migster
  8. Migster

    Unknown U-boat

    Can anyone tell me what boat this is? Thank you Migster
  9. Migster

    Unknown Type XXI

    Can anyone help me with this photo of a type XXI? cant make out what boat this is. Thanks, Mig.
  10. Hello Everyone. Just looking for help on a photo of a camouflaged U-boat. Anyone??? Than you Migster
  11. Hello all Does anyone recognize this conning tower?
  12. Migster

    Unknown U-boats

    In the conning tower at the attack periscope is?
  13. Cool. Thank you very much. Regards Migster