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  1. Very nice.I have a couple of ribbon suspended example,but not a pin back.Cheers Wolf.
  2. Hi werWolf.Very interesting.I have one also that is marked L12 which I think is CE Juncker.Mine is cased & ribbon enclosed & is very similar looking to yours.Any way it has been considered a fake,but I feel it needs a closer look.Cheers Wolf.
  3. EK2 maker?

    Nice looking ek II.I have one as well that hasn't a markers stamp,annoying.Thanks for showing.Cheers Wolf.
  4. German cross in gold

    Interesting tom.I would have thought post war 1945 - pre 1957 versions would have more current hardware.Pin,clasp,hinge,enameling etc.If this was a post war issue,you would not expect so much wear to the badge.Cheers Wolf.
  5. German cross in gold

    I have two which have been called fakes & look as good as this.All I can say is that it looks like an early war issue.There are guys on here that will let you know in a minute.Nice badge.Cheers Wolf.
  6. Civilian Organization Tinny

    Thanks for this information Bart.
  7. Civilian Organization Tinny

    That's interesting.I have the exact same badge.Wolf.
  8. Authentic U-Boat badge?

    Interesting. I thought if the boat did not have a propeller it would be a fake also. Wolf.
  9. Very nice Steve.Here are 2 I have.Cheers Wolf.
  10. EKII Moritz Hausch

    Thanks for that Hans.Very interesting.Cheers Wolf.
  11. You know Elwood.When I look at that makers No. it looks like 51 to me.Maybe it's my computer,but I don't see 50.Cheers Wolf.
  12. Elwood.I have one like that,but it is to dark to photograph now.It has a makers No. on ring,but like yours I reckon it maybe 2 frames.Wolf.
  13. EKII Moritz Hausch

    That's interesting Hans.Can you pick this manufacturer because of the enameling?It does not look right to me.Wolf.
  14. Nice.Looks pretty standard to me.Wolf.