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  1. Not being a dagger collector i only knew Wittman by name and never bothered to look at that site. from hearsay i thought his reputation was quite good but after looking at his site even to my untrained (dagger) eyes there are some very fishy items there! I also always heard that German daggers are relative good priced in the US because of the many vet bringbacks, but the prices he asks for some of his HJ daggers seem very much over the top. I remember Craig Gottlieb asking 850 dollar about two years ago for a stone mint one and thought that was a lot, but on Wittman's site about every HJ dagger in every condition is more expensive. Who payes these high prices???? Next fair i go to i think im going to harvest some of these HJ daggers for 300-350 euro and offer them for trade against medals or paperwork on the WAF e-stand for half the price of Wittman, should still be a 100% profit and much under his prices!!! As others typed before, know what you buy befoe you buy it. No dealer (purposely or not) is without mistakes, but it's amazing what some do and can keep getting away with! Money lets people do crazy things! (Good thing i have none lol) ps: One thing you got to give the man credit for and that is his collection, holy crap!!! --> http://www.wwiidaggers.com/collectingroom/cr1.htm'>WOW (click me)
  2. Hi Jo, It's a small world indeed, i didn't realise you were a member here too but it's good to have someone like you on board. While i dont have (by far) as much knowledge in the area of collecting memberbadges as you have, i did read too much unsubstantiated claims regarding these badges on the forums for the past decade, and started to think (and i can't imagine im the only one) that there is something wrong with the many colours of these badges because a) too many different ones are around to feel comfortable and b) most of the colours seem suspicious or unlogic at least. I will follow the discussion in this area with much interest to see if someone will come forward with period documentation that says anything about the badges. Good luck with your research. Best regards, Gaston ps: i look forward to your book and hope to make an order soon.
  3. Hi, Thanks for the help you both, ill try to take a better shot when i learn to use the camera better. best regards, Gaston
  4. No, and im very interested in the outcome. These badges have been very controversial for years and most of the different colours are probably phantasy.
  5. Hi guys, Im not an EK collector, but recently ran into an EK2 i couldn't resist. It is unmarked. Can some of the experts perhaps attrribute it to a certain maker? Thanks in advance for looking. best regards, Gaston ps: Since today i have a new camera and still need to learn a bit better how it works, the photo's are not that great yet and absolutely don't do the cross any justice, it's quite minty.
  6. Gaston V.

    press or private photo?

    Hi Lengies, yes that could the clue, it could be earlier! Very interesting. Also Goerring missing about 500 pounds weight as we know him from later photo's, dates the picture as early as well.
  7. Gaston V.

    press or private photo?

    Ps: only now i see the black part on the photo, was there a special dedication or autograph perhaps?
  8. Gaston V.

    press or private photo?

    Hi, Im not sure if it is a pressphoto, but also not sure if it is a privat photo. However, the angle and the man showing partly on the right, with Hitler almost being obscured, does not seem like an offical pressphoto. Maybe it's photo that is unused as pressphoto? While i don't know the exact location of this picture i'd don't think it's from a 9 November march in Munich. The most important reason for this is the lack of any blood orders in the picture. As far as i know (i only have a couple of pictures from a 9 Novermber march in my collection) the participants in those marches (and definately the persons in Lengies photo: Hitler, Goerring, Rosenberg...) ALWAYS wore their blood orders during the official marches in Munich. It is a very nice photo! bet regards, Gaston
  9. Hi John, Great to see all these close ups, it's mightly rare material!!! best regards, Gaston
  10. Here's a quite rare Red Cross ausweis and memberbadge. I believe these were only in use for a very short period around 1936. For every 100 of the normal round red badges i see only one of these oval shaped ones pop up. The booklet is very hard to find as well. Hope you like to see them as much as i do. best regards, Gaston
  11. And some of my favorites, both the small and large version are made of thin metal, i really like these!
  12. A few very humble yet nice pieces:
  13. Gaston V.

    Who's there?

    Hi Leon, Welcome to the forum, it's nice to see some things of your collection. Those scale models are very impressive (they are so large!!!!). I also like your Heer agenda, may i ask what year it is fom? I have a little collection of those little agenda's/soldatenfreund booklets, they are pretty neat to collect and it's good to see more people like them. best regards, Gaston ps: I saw you use photobucket, have you seen that hosting pictures on the internal forumuploadsystem is also possible and perhaps much easier as it resizes the pictures automatically?
  14. Gaston V.

    Photographs D.D.R.

    Hi Steve, I didn't even see the vehicles but of course you are right. I didn't realise that no West-German troops were allowed in the West-Berlin zone (before 1989 you mean, right?). This really surprises me as always thought many allied and thus also West-German troops were present in Weast-Berlin "just in case". Learned something new again today, thanks. best regards, Gaston