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  1. Panzer vorwärts!

    Fallschirmjäger Soldbuch small set

    Very nice group with an impressive list of awards! Thanks for posting it. Best, Rob
  2. Kevin, The manufacturer is actually J.P. Sauer & Sohn and it is indeed an entry for a Sauer & Sohn 38H. A really nice matching Soldbuch/Wehrpass set! Too bad the photo is missing in the Soldbuch, but in this case I really don't see it as much of a detractor. I have a few FHH Soldbücher, including a really nice one I just recently picked up- I will try to post them when I get some free time. Thanks for sharing this one with us! Rob
  3. Here's a scan of the portrait photo in a Soldbuch to a career Panzerjäger NCO who served as a Panzerjäger I crew member with Panzerjäger-Abteilung 643 and later a crew member (quite possibly a commander) of a Marder III in Armee-Panzerjäger-Abteilung 744. Rob
  4. Very nice Pz.Rgt.24 Wegrpass, Kevin. That wound just may have actually saved his life. It's been months since I've had the time to browse any dealer sites - had I seen this one I would have gone for it myself! Great score - congrats!! Rob
  5. Panzer vorwärts!

    6 SS-Nord Division Soldbuch

    Nice Soldbuch Kevin. A bit of a shame that the portrait photo has been removed, but the Heeres-Flak badge award entry helps make up for that I have a few Soldbücher where the soldier was wounded and entitled to a wound badge but for some reason the award was never entered into the Soldbuch. One of these is to a Panzerjäger wounded for the third time in combat by a rifle bullet through one of his lungs (!!!) yet there is no entry for the silver wound badge. Sometimes awards just didn't get entered into the Soldbüch! Rob
  6. Panzer vorwärts!

    Army Flak badge. S&L

    Super Heer Flak! I would be happy to have this one in my collection Best, Rob
  7. Panzer vorwärts!

    CCC in bronze

    That's a wonderful bronze grade close combat clasp Adam! For your first example you have done quite well Congrats! Thanks for sharing it with us. Rob
  8. Neat little Pionier set you have there - nice Rodenburg signature Thanks for posting it! Rob
  9. Very nice Panzerkampfabzeichen award documents! Are these all single documents, or are any of them part of larger groups? Thanks for sharing them with us! Best, Rob
  10. Panzer vorwärts!

    Show us your SS Studioportraits

    VERY nice photos, Bart!! Rob
  11. Panzer vorwärts!

    Share your Panzermänner Photographs

    Nice one, Adam! Is there any info written on the reverse of the photo? Rob
  12. Panzer vorwärts!

    Share your Panzermänner Photographs

    Great photos!
  13. Panzer vorwärts!

    Bismarck Wehrpass

    Outstanding Wehrpass, Kevin This is one I'd be very happy to have in my humble collection! Best, Rob
  14. Panzer vorwärts!

    Combat medic wounded in action.

    Very nice Soldbuch my friend with some real combat history Rob