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  1. @Oberjäger Chip, thanks for sharing those. Were those removed from uniforms or were they unissued stock?
  2. I have purchased two medals from eMedals. @Nick H. is correct that they are quite expensive, but they often have that one hard to find piece that you really, really want. I definitely overpaid for the first medal, but before I placed the second order I asked for a price reduction and they were accommodating. Some of the awards they have are seldom found elsewhere so I think even they sometimes have a hard time determining value so they simply start on the higher end. They are very detailed when identifying manufacturers of awards and verifying authenticity. However, I once spotted a fake/reproduction of a medal that they were trying to sell as an original US WW1 era award (the person who made the award did a good job aging it so I believe eMedals was honestly fooled). I notified them of it and they responded in a positive manner and removed the medal from their website. Best regards, Ben
  3. Thanks, @ghostman777. Keep in mind that the red Maltese cross appears to be embroidered. A small embroidered logo such as this one would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to include the text and other fine details found in the VFW logo. I am also skeptical of it being a VFW cap, but it's a possibility. Best regards, Ben
  4. Another Gew 98 duo: No information provided with photo.
  5. Photo of two soldiers from 87th Infantry (1st Nassau) Regiment armed with Gew 98 rifles: This photo is also posted in my Photos - Pickelhaube In Wear thread.
  6. A thread for photos of pilots, observers, aircraft, airships, observation balloons, anti-aircraft weapons, and their crew. Whether they're in the air, on the ground, or blown out of the sky, post 'em here! Enjoy! Ben
  7. A large photo showing a French second lieutenant, sergeant major, and soldier observing a fallen German soldier in the field: No writing on reverse to assist with date or location. Ben
  8. An unidentified sailor from a Torpedo Division armed with Gew 98 and bayonet:
  9. An unidentified soldier armed with Gew 98 and bayonet: The leather reinforced knees suggest a possible role in a specialized assault unit. No writing on back to assist with identification or date.
  10. Gentlemen, The primary service rifle of the German Army in WW1, the Gew 98 is frequently found in photos. Feel free to share any from your collections. If possible, try to include names, dates, and locations. I will gradually add photos from my collection as I scan them. Enjoy! Ben
  11. Soldiers of 2nd Battalion, 167th Infantry Regiment resting upon and under an iron shelter: Photo taken by U.S. Army Signal Corps May 10, 1918, in Neuviller, France. The 167th was formerly the 4th Regiment, Alabama National Guard.
  12. Gentlemen, This thread is for photos of the American Expeditionary Force's 42nd Infantry "Rainbow" Division. Feel free to contribute anything relevant you may have in your collections. The 42nd was formed in 1917 from units across 26 states and the District of Columbia. The 42nd's moniker came from Douglas MacArthur when he suggested the amalgamation of state formations and said it would "stretch over the whole country like a rainbow." A quick unit history can be found on 42nd Infantry Division (United States) - Wikipedia. Enjoy! Ben
  13. Photo of Captain Paul D. Carter. Carter was a Second Lieutenant with 28th Infantry Regiment, 1st "Big Red One" Division, during WW1. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross as well as two Silver Citation Stars (the predecessor to the Silver Star Medal). His valor awards are listed on the Military Times - Valor Awards for Paul D. Carter web page. His DSC citation reads: The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, July 9, 1918, takes pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Service Cross to Second Lieutenant (Infantry) Paul D. Carter, United States Army, for extraordinary heroism in action while serving with 28th Infantry Regiment, 1st Division, A.E.F., during the Argonne-Meuse offensive, 9 October 1918. Rendered helpless by the explosion of a gas shell, he refused evacuation, but after regaining consciousness returned to his command and was instrumental in repulsing a strong enemy counterattack. General Orders: War Department, General Orders No. 37 (1919) Action Date: 9-Oct-18 This photo was taken sometime in the 1920s as his rank is now Captain and he's wearing a post-WW1 officer's cap. His DSC ribbon is visible and if you look carefully you can see two silver stars on his victory ribbon along with bronze campaign stars. The remaining ribbons are partly covered by his French Fourragère, but I think they might be for the Mexican Border Service Medal and maybe a French Légion d'Honneur. I am hoping to do more research on him in the future. Ben
  14. An MG08 crew from what I believe is Baden's 14th Field Artillery Regiment. Notice the ZF12 optical sight: