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  1. Marcel Bänziger

    Leichte Kreuzer

    Not the best pic, I know, but this was taken a long time ago with my old cam. Never took the time to make a new pic of my tallies. In a well used condition though hard to see with the flash Furthermore got the Nürnberg and Königsberg but unfortunately no pics yet.
  2. Marcel Bänziger

    Panzerschiff Deutschland

    Some Feldpost from Panzerschiff Deutschland. These stamps could be bought privately to add to the Feldpost (so purely decorative).
  3. Marcel Bänziger


    Here's my tally which is still in full length (which is hard to get fully on the photo haha):
  4. Marcel Bänziger


    My Schlesien tally in well used condition along with a postcard, a period photo of the vessel and a studio portrait from a sailor with the Schlesien tally.
  5. Marcel Bänziger

    Panzerschiff Deutschland

    Here's my tally (In well used, almost faded condition) that goes along with this ship. Really like such named tallies, especially when being in a well worn condition.
  6. Marcel Bänziger

    Ross London 1940 dated binoculars

    Thanks David! I've actually been to that site already and also to one which has many, many serial numbers listed to binos from this maker. But these unfortunately didn't pointed me further in the right direction. But thanks for your time to find a nd post the link. Much appreciated!
  7. Marcel Bänziger

    Post your favourite item of 2014

    Thanks alot Bart! Really nice shot. Many German soldiers actually preferred the PpSh submachine over their own German MP's because it always worked, even when taking lesser care of it. I even read memoirs where German soldiers threw away their MP40 to take captured PPSh's instead.
  8. Marcel Bänziger

    Ross London 1940 dated binoculars

    Noone knows more about such British binoculars? Myself I got stuck in my research unfortunately.
  9. Marcel Bänziger

    Uniform removed SS Edelweiss

    Thanks Bart!
  10. Marcel Bänziger

    Single Kavallerie board opinion needed

    Hi Bart, It turned out to be Kavallerie-Regiment 8 which was turned into Aufklärungs-Abteilung 8 before the war. The numbers are embedded into the boards and it does look like they are their for a long time. Impossible to look underneath the numbers because they are embedded in the board and I don't wanna break them off.
  11. Marcel Bänziger

    Post your favourite item of 2014

    Bart V.: Great photo album!!! Is it possible to make a close up pic of the photo inside the album where it says: "Die Wilden Krieger"? This looks like a mannequin I'm making now from a sentry in wintercoat with PPSh41 submachine. Thanks in advance
  12. Hello all, I have a pair of binoculars from the company of Ross London, dated 1940, Mk II. Some (serial?) numbers are crossed out. On the far left another number is stamped, No.21524 O.S.280 M.A. Furthermore on the right part is in red and white paint stamped some unreadable numbers. The strap has a name; Melrose Walten and the number (servicenumber?) 25830 Can anyone tell me more about this binocular and in particular if this is completely original (due to the crossed out (serial?) numbers and the stamped white and red numbers? I have these for quite some time already and these questions always have followed me. Furthermore, if possible, anywhere to find out more about this Melrose Walten? Thanks a lot for any help in the right direction!! All the best, Marcel
  13. Marcel Bänziger

    Single Kavallerie board opinion needed

    Topic can be deleted, got my answers
  14. Hello all, I would like to get opinions on this single Kavallerie board, and more specifically about the number 8. Is this an original board with number? I was doing some research about any Kavallerie unit number 8 but couldn't find anything (perhaps I was searching the wrong place?). To me it does look and feel correct (pips and number are nicely embedded in the board) plus it comes from a respectable dealer yet still it's strange I can't find anything about the existence of this unit. Thanks a lot all for any possible help or directions where to continue my research! All the best, Marcel
  15. Marcel Bänziger

    Uniform removed SS Edelweiss

    Thanks for confirmation Bob! Wishing you nice holidays! Marcel