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  1. Daniele C

    Soldbuch Pz Rgt 25 PAB25

    thanks Guys Kevin i think every POW camp was different and some camps would have guards striping everything off the POWs while other were less strict and would respect the soldiers letting them keep what they earn in battle i dont know, Some soldiers managed to go to POW and go home with everything untouched as well sometimes as we seen! Im sure the russians werent that Kind :)
  2. Daniele C

    Soldbuch Pz Rgt 25 PAB25

    As you can see the PAB25 and the WB in black are denazified because he was allowed wearing them during POW as long as he denazified them while the EKII and the Ostmedaille are not as they were at home to his family the Dogtag with the cross shows obviously how he was a devoted religious man.
  3. Daniele C

    Soldbuch Pz Rgt 25 PAB25

    comes with the list of fighting days that earned him the pka25