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  2. Ritterkreuz award ceremony for Gefreiter Walter Fiedler
  3. Heinz-Otto Fabian / Generalleutnant Hans de Salengre- Drabbe
  4. 25 Gr Grande Rue, Aigre, France. - in 2015, - 2009, - 1940. -
  5. - Gare du Nord - Rue de Dunkerque,Paris,France
  6. War memorial in the Forest of Compiègne - France - Statue of Marshal Ferdinand Foch -
  7. Landsberg an der Warthe is a city in western Poland, on the Warta river. Today the city name is Gorzów Wielkopolski in Poland. - South side -
  8. Landsberg an der Warthe is a city in western Poland, on the Warta river. Today the city name is Gorzów Wielkopolski in Poland. - North side -
  9. Pionier-Klinke-Kaserne/Stülpnagel-Kaserne - Küstrin-Neustadt (Kostrzyn nad Odra) in Poland
  10. Berliner Tor, Festung Küstrin - Altstadt - Küstrin (Kostrzyn) in Poland
  11. German Soldier and Civil Cemetery - Kristiansand , Norway.
  12. German Soldier and Civil Cemetery - Kristiansand , Norway. Location InformationThe port of Kristiansand on the south coast is on the Skagerrak. From the town centre follow route 9 in the direction of Evja. The cemetery is along here on the left just past the toll booth. The Commonwealth war graves are located in Plot 6A. Historical InformationDuring the Second World War, Norway was of strategic importance to the Germans. Their invasion on 9 April 1940 was sudden and widespread and despite Allied intervention, the entire country was under German occupation by early June. Thereafter, Allied activity in Norway was confined to raids and special operations, with the Commonwealth air forces providing support to Norwegian resistance groups until the German capitulation in May 1945. There are no Commonwealth war cemeteries in Norway, those who died there being buried in civil cemeteries and churchyards. Kristiansand Civil Cemetery contains 13 Commonwealth burials, one of them unidentified.
  13. Vauxbuin German-France-British Cemetery - France. Location: Vauxbuin is a village 4 kilometres to the south-west of Soissons, and Vauxbuin National Cemetery can be reached from the direction of Soissons via the N2, Soissons to Paris road. It is necessary to go around the Soissons ring road following the signs for Paris. On leaving the Soissons ring road via a large roundabout, continue to follow the signs for Paris via the N2. Vauxbuin National Cemetery lies 3 kilometres along this road on the right side. Caution must be taken along this road as it is a very busy road with traffic travelling very fast. The Commission Plot forms a small part of this large French Cemetery which is situated adjacent to a German military cemetery.