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  1. Very interesting Graham. I assume though that this type of stripe would not be noted on a Medal Index Card? Thanks Pierce
  2. Thanks for the clarification Jerry.
  3. I am afraid there were none of those things for him that I could find- but the search continues. One of the names I have has the SWB associated (first post) and I am wondering if this was him as we know he was wounded. Was the SWB given to all those wounded or just those that were discharged for whatever reason? Was there anything given to wounded soldiers- for example an equivalent of the German Wound Badge?
  4. I had a look through ancestry.co.uk myself during one of their "free days" but could find nothing of relevance with the exception of the MICs. My ancestor had an uncommon surname so there were less than 10 MICs of interest to view. From that I could remove those killed or missing leaving me with about 5. This may all sound good but without knowing which regiment he joined I can whittle it down no more. The sign up or discharge papers were my next port of call. If that's a dead end is there anything else I can do to narrow my search further? Just today I have written to the National Archives at Kew as well as a local historical society in Ireland where my ancestor was born. Another spanner in the works is that he may have joined up while working in Glasgow which begs the question did he join the Scottish Highlanders or an Irish Regiment.
  5. Thanks for your reply Jerry. I am trying to track down a relative's service history but it is proving difficult.
  6. That's amazing Jerry. Are sign up and discharge papers available for WW1 veterans?
  7. General der Infanterie Kurt von Tippelskirch with Italian Order of the Crown
  8. Dear friends, Just a query as to what the cause of discharge was for these soldiers? Does "Sickness para 392 (xvi)" refer to a particular sickness or wound? Any help with this would be appreciated. Kind regards Pierce
  9. Generalstabsarzt Dr. med. Hermann Hofmann with Hungarian Order of Merit
  10. Generalleutnant Wilhelm Raithel with Finnish Order of Liberty
  11. Generalmajor Karl Klein with Croatian Order of King Zvonimir
  12. Generalleutnant Franz Rossi with Finnish Order of Liberty
  13. Generalmajor z.V. Wessely von Marian with Hungarian Order of the Holy Crown, Grand Officer Class with Swords