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  1. My new west front impression Regards Lars
  2. Lars

    saying Hello part 2

    Thank you Paulus and Adam I think you will like my two new mannequins then All the best Lars
  3. you clearly see the PG marked on the cover.... PG= Personal Gear or PropaGanda :P I honestly don´t know it is truly an amazing picture with a funky looking camo Thank you for sharing, wish I could be of some help but this is out of my knowledge of covers/camo Regards Lars
  4. Lars

    saying Hello part 2

    last shots for now
  5. Lars

    saying Hello part 2

    just one picture of each, let me know if there is something you want more pictures of Cheers Lars
  6. Lars

    saying Hello part 2

    Thank you guys Yesterday I took a bunch of pictures of some of my stuff Here they are Cheers Lars ND M42
  7. Great work it looks really cool :) Regards Lars
  8. Hi Adam I did not know that I just thought they were numbered each helmet like 354,355,356 and so on.....How many helmets were done in once batch? Do you know approx? All the best Lars
  9. last couple of shots Thank you for watching Regards Lars