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  1. That is a nice set complete with the Feldpost box!
  2. Interesting remark Dave, please share more of your analysis regarding the increase... Nice sets guys! A question I can't find answer to is what was the Allach norm regarding pieces with imperfections? Were they allowed to leave the factory and be sold? Or perhaps as B stück?
  3. Nice, still need to find one, but find the Diebitsch #89 even more classic.
  4. Originals and ofcourse it's explosive damage from a King Tiger!
  5. Erich: nice piece! Eric: Cool! Real time capsules!
  6. Thank you for sharing! Being a cultural collector (amongst other things) I find this highly interesting
  7. Another beautifull piece Dave, where do you find them?!
  8. Dmv

    AH 1933 Badge

    indeed, stay away from those coffin type pinplates!
  9. I would leave it as it is and enjoy it as a relic dagger
  10. Hello Brett and welcome! (or is it goodbye?) I agree with the others that this is a fantasy item, points already mentioned...
  11. Agree, great craftmanship from the days of the past! Beautifull piece! Nowadays it's all machines...
  12. Dmv

    brass inkwell

    Yep another fantasy product! Stamps are a minefield. This one is easy with the bad detail, the reversed swas on the handle or actually the fact that there is an eagle on the handle and would you really believe the Führer would allow his head on top of a stamp?
  13. Dmv

    Ciney 2014

    With us it happened at 7.00 while it was still pretty quiet.