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  1. redcar

    Is it just me?

    There is one moderator on WAF who thinks he is "King Of The Hill" . Though he is supposed to mod of only a few sections he runs the whole show, apparently scanning the responses 24/7, 365 days a year, anxious to post a rude reply or kick the member out altogether. It's too bad I didn't study psychology at college - I could pin down just what his problem is.
  2. Wittmann Militaria has the highly suspect Hitler head Christmas ornaments for sale - $500 each or 2 for $1000.
  3. redcar

    Is it just me?

    The reason WAF is tricky as a reference post is you don't know the ulterior motives of some of the posters. Are they giving honest opinions, or are they fronting for some dodgy dealer? Some dealers with whom I have done good business have been kicked out, and some dealers everyone knows are crooked are protected. It's taken me years to figure things out. And with $$$ lost along the way.
  4. I think you have stumbled across 2 good ones. I have bought from Military Warehouse and sold to Lakeside Trader with no problems.
  5. redcar

    Is it just me?

    You have articulated the problems with WAF precisely. It's no wonder new collectors are dwindling with this kind of forum out there. If you try to point out fakes or bad business practices by a certain circle of dealers they try to threaten you with suspension or bully you into leaving. If you keep on being critical of certain dealers you are expelled. My complaints about a promised refund for a fake, that never happened, got the whole thread removed. That dealer is apparently a forum sponsor. Even though I carefully follow the forum posting rules one moderator in particular is particularly nasty, launching personal attacks against me. I only stay because I still get information from honest collectors on the forum about fakes. But it is a headache. Unless you are extremely careful and know what is going on you will either get frustrated yourself and leave or unexpectedly get kicked out for making ordinary common sense statements.
  6. Now that Charles Snyder is deceased the worst of the worst is Tom Wittmann. He has high prices on both his real and fake daggers. The bad thing about it is he has a host of collectors who support him, usually rich "wise guys", who get their dagger fix from him and don't care if the poor beginning collector gets burned.
  7. Even though I am getting out of collecting, I have to admit I have had good experiences with Collector's Guild & German War Booty.
  8. I have to agree with the post above - military book collecting is the way to go for those frustrated with collecting the artifacts.
  9. There are other factors which I didn't mention. The "bronze" statue the crumbled into pieces when taken out of the dealer's box, the thousands of dollars lost buying fake SS cuff titles, the worthless guarantees, the rudeness and "lawyering up" of dealers, and the general attitude that it's a buyer's fault if he buys a fake. I can accept that the economy is bad, and the market determines prices. I can't accept the preponderance of fakes, the crookedness of dealers, and the questionable ethics of collectors who patronize dealers who they know are selling fakes in order to get what they want. Greed has corrupted the hobby to the extent that I no longer want to be in it.
  10. The was once a movie about the TV business called "Network" where the lead character went ballistic and yelled "I'm madder than hell and not going to take it anymore!" I started collecting militaria about 15 years ago by buying a 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger at a local show. Once dealers started appearing online I shopped there. Once I start collecting something I try to sell some of it to test the market. Long story short - there are just too many high prices, fakes, and crooked dealers to continue collecting. I have held items for 10 years and still took a loss. Auctions take up to a year and you never know what you are going to get, Dealers rarely buy anything back, even at 50% or less. And consignments seem to sit on dealers' shelves for years. It's going to be a slow process to get my money back in an attempt to break even. Let me give you a dealer experience. I bought a AH silver tray from a small MN dealer 12 years ago for $3300. 10 years later I tried to sell it to Tom Wittmann. He gave me a sob story about having to pay 6 employees and paid me $2000. Few weeks later it sold on his website for $3000. I recently bought a SS trumpet banner from another dealer and most people say it's fake. The dealer will not take it back and threatened me with a lawyer. I have been patient for 15 years, but now I living on a fixed income pension, the hassle & financial loss is just too much, and I am slowly getting out.
  11. redcar

    Is it just me?

    All I can say at this point is - after my posting experiences in the WAF dagger section I feel like I have been stuck in the back by said daggers and now avoid the TR dagger collecting area altogether.
  12. redcar

    Is it just me?

    I resumed posting on WAF after a 3 month suspension and got a nasty reply from a Mod saying in effect, "What are you doing here - we know why you are here - we are watching you, etc. etc." It's apparent to me that at least one Mod is paranoid and wants complete control over any replies that even hint they might be controversial. WAF is very unpleasant to visit these days and makes one want to quit collecting militaria altogether. I am starting to thin out my collection, and can see why a beginner visiting WAF might be scared away by the unfriendly atmosphere. There are a few dealers that I trust, but overall the militaria collecting field is a snake pit. Old time well-heeled collectors and dealers stick together, and I couldn't in good faith advise young collectors to go through the minefield.
  13. redcar

    25 year Faithful Award.

    Looks perfect.
  14. redcar

    Is it just me?

    Sad to say IMO many of the well-heeled long time collectors don't care if the little guys or newcomers get stuck with fakes by the big name dealers, as long as they get their fix of items they know are real. Thus they discourage criticism of the big boys, saying that if you buy a fake it's your fault, you didn't do your homework, etc.
  15. redcar

    SS Loyalty Award.

    IMO most of the silver & gold SS awards you see out there are fakes.