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  1. does anyone have a photo of this style (or something similar) on any other type of vessel? William Kramer
  2. the one HH sold (slightly different pattern, though the reference photo they use shows my eagle pattern) went for roughly $42,000 at auction: http://www.hermann-historica.de/auktion/hhm65.pl?f=NR_LOT&c=6099&t=temartic_R_GB&db=kat65_3r.txt William Kramer
  3. All1knew

    flags collection

    what would the rope look like if it were cut down by a USGI using a boot knife?
  4. and furthermore, I also found this amazing photo of the eagle aboard an E-Boat (here is S10 going onto patrol, swastika on this eagle has been polished) and lastly, here is my eagle as it rests in the my display case. William Kramer
  5. I had heard there was an order given that once war broke out the emblem was to be removed, but not all boats maintained this regulation as can be seen on this period photo of U-61 (the boat on the right has its emblem removed and you can still see the mounting areas) and the second image will show you exactly what the mounting area looked like
  6. and shortly after I began to realize the photo that HH used did not show their eagle pattern, but mine .....and that's when the images started to really get interesting.
  7. you can see how much different the mounting positions are on the eagle I own.
  8. Some time went buy and I received a PM from somebody that came across the above photo I shared on another forum and he stated the eagle may be Kriegsmarine related. Upon further research I learned that this had been a prewar (or VERY early war) national emblem on seagoing vessels. I then came upon a Hermann Historica auction which an eagle (different than mine in that the eagle's head faces forward) was said to come off an actual U-Boat. Upon looking closer at the images used in the HH listing I believed the eagles on the boats in the photos were different than the one they were selling. I immediately started looking for photos of this eagle in use and found some good shots showing a front facing eagle head (which was different than my eagle)
  9. Hello all, Just wanted to share this one with you. Came in a buy a long time ago and was sold with the boxcar eagle that you see in the photo. Nor I or the seller knew exactly what the smaller eagle was at the time but we called it a "building" eagle. William Kramer
  10. All1knew

    flags collection

    YES YOU DO! Here's a very rare flag that I have in my personal collection that I'll share. Came off a hospital ship at port in France. William Kramer
  11. All1knew

    DKiG - 20

    beautiful crosses here! William Kramer
  12. Hello there, What makes this attributed to Assman? William Kramer
  13. Hello there, I believe Zimmerman KvK's are the only ones found with '800' stampings, correct? William Kramer