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  1. Thank you all for a nice help with this wehrpass.
  2. Hope this is successful this time and that the image is readable. Apparently, the man has been in the raids in Rapido river, but what's the text in front of Cassino?
  3. Did the image size fail, how do I send to the last image without starting a new thread?
  4. Thank you for the answers. Can you imagine that he served as a driver or in a transport service? Sincerely
  5. I hope its ok Bart, I post the other scanns later
  6. Thanks Rich can you tell me about the number before 27253, I have never seen this before.
  7. Hello everyone, wishing to get help with his name and explanation of what the feldpost number means and in German the two lower lines.
  8. This is the last document I have about him, I do not know how to get more information about him but I keep looking. Thank you all
  9. Thank you for the answer, interesting. On pages 22 and 23, stamps are very weak but you can see the numbers 03875 with magnifying glass and as I suggest a zero but on page 25 there is a stamp where you clearly see 03875 D. Regards
  10. Hello and thank you again that it's so hard to read the signatures? I did something wrong the same picture again, failed to remove it.
  11. Hi thanks for the answers, he received ISA postum a few months after he fell on 29-03-1943. Is it the place or place where he fell as he stands and how to interpret the name of Hauptman. greetings Wasa
  12. Hi and thank you Kevin, that was interesting information you gave. The person concerned died 29.9.1943. I have tried in my chamber to interpret the last 4 lines but ..... regards. Wasa
  13. Hello I have a wehrpass. Can anyone help me with information about the type of work or service that Sicherungs Bataillon 791 and 701 had on the East Frontier between 1941 and 1943. Wasa
  14. Thank you gentlemen for interesting information. Before I leave this book aside, I would like to get help from those who interpret the text to English, or for me readability German. The text I am interested in is page 9 / beförderungen. And pages 10 and 11. As well as the written text on pages 14 and 15 and page 19, the medals he received in addition to 13.3 and 38 and bandenkamfabzeichen. While I am at once, it would be interesting to see an authentic regiment stamp. Greetings wasa