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  1. Check Grenadier Auctions. They have a lot of WW2 German collectibles.
  2. Politics. Pure bull shit German politics and EU politics. They are all scared to death to say anything now days. They don’t want to be labeled right wing anything or be labeled a racist for giving a comment on a mundane historical item. Frau Merkel really has screwed that place up lately...
  3. That’s odd ? I don’t know why he wouldn’t? That all he said ? I don’t want to comment without giving an explanation?
  4. Great, let me know what he says. It would be interesting to see what he has to say..
  5. No problem. Long on to their website, convert to English and the contact information is on the website. He has great militaria from Germany. If you call from the states make sure your cell phone is activated for international service or you will get slapped with a big bill for calling Germany. Like I did.
  6. Ratisbons. He actually has his website on this forum.
  7. There is a dealer in Germany that may have information on these. I think I have seen these for sale on his website. Ratisbons.
  8. Nice picture, happen to know who the presenter is ?
  9. Kentucky6

    Godet Oakleaves,

    E Maus, What exactly did you want me to say ? It is a nice piece. I was complementing your purchase of this item. Maybe, you need to understand that not all of us maybe as well versed in these items such as yourself and don’t have the knowledge others possess.
  10. Hey Bart,

    Hope you are well. I have another item I would like to send you for the auction. German WWI item, I am sure someone would like it. May I have your mailing address..



    Good luck to Belgium, can’t believe Mexico beat Germany ?

  11. Interesting. Held the position even after the wars end ?
  12. Great picture Jaime, do we know what command he held towards the end of the war? Speaking of Kircheim..