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  1. Insignia of the Marineküstenpolizei

    Great picture. Would anyone know what rank these sailors are ?
  2. SS

    Those are great stories, and it is great that they are still proud of the service. If I am correct the FD had their own designated unit shield denoting they were Danes. Both soldiers look great and look like they quite alert...
  3. SS

    Thank you. Very interesting. I find it somewhat odd that M was let out of his contract in 1943 at the height of the war. To their credit they honored such and allowed them to return home. You are lucky, very few chances left to speak with these warriors..
  4. SS

    Very nice, love to hear the stories they told...
  5. That's is probably what they are, looks about right...thanks for the other picture and responding...
  6. Do you happen to know what the two items on the back on the Tiger are ? Middle picture. Not the exhaust shrouds the two canisters to the right.
  7. Those are great pictures Kevin, very nice..Definitely like that Tiger what a great looking tank...
  8. Great pictures, informative and fun to look at..
  9. Quite the spread after receiving the award. Nice pictures
  10. Jaime, may I ask where these type originals can be purchased ?