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  1. Jim those are great photos. Where are the graves located?
  2. Kentucky6

    Gelatine Klapplaternen

    Very cool piece. Thanks for sharing...
  3. Kentucky6

    Reichsbahn Lamp.

    That’s is great. Looks amazingly similar to the portable lamps being sold at tactical stores currently. Forget the name but you them frequently on infomercials here in the states..
  4. Thanks for the link to those pictures of the railway guns. Very interesting...
  5. Cool pictures. Looks like he was in the hospital
  6. Kentucky6

    Xmas wishes

    Merry Christmas. Jim. Wish you the best..
  7. Very nice pictures. The leather pouch . Never seen that. What is the story behind that
  8. Check Grenadier Auctions. They have a lot of WW2 German collectibles.
  9. Politics. Pure bull shit German politics and EU politics. They are all scared to death to say anything now days. They don’t want to be labeled right wing anything or be labeled a racist for giving a comment on a mundane historical item. Frau Merkel really has screwed that place up lately...
  10. That’s odd ? I don’t know why he wouldn’t? That all he said ? I don’t want to comment without giving an explanation?
  11. Great, let me know what he says. It would be interesting to see what he has to say..