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  1. Thank you Jaime. For taking the time to post.that sort of information is interesting to me. Have a good St. Patrick's day..
  2. Thanks, It appears he was assigned to an infantry training school. Any further promotions from 42 on ?
  3. Awards of 4 Admiralrichters

    Found a very good article on the admiral who represented Admiral Karl Donitz in the Nuremberg trials. Flottenrichter Otto Kranzbuhler. Wikipedia. He lived in until 2004.
  4. Awards of 4 Admiralrichters

    Thank you..
  5. Awards of 4 Admiralrichters

    Oh ok, thanks for that. I was looking at one of their assignments and saw postings on ships. Not specifically battleships though. Probably when they were much lower in rank as some type of legal affairs officer...
  6. SS document

    Thanks, Richard. You live in Germany?
  7. Awards of 4 Admiralrichters

    Thanks for responding. It seems correct. Never knew they would have a judge on battleship as I thought the captain would handle those matters but seems perfectly reasonable.
  8. SS document

    Let us know what it says when you find out..Thanks
  9. That's probably what is.
  10. WMF Silver plated dish

    Cool piece..
  11. SS document

    Interesting. Curious as to what it says...PM Bart the site administrator he may understand the writing in German.
  12. Awards of 4 Admiralrichters

    Interesting. So were these admirals responsible for overseeing court martial procedures with specific fleets ? I have never heard of these assignments before..