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    All documents related to Lw and Heer units who fought in Britany, Normandy and northern France between 1943 and 44.
  1. Yes, interesting ! First time I see such papers.
  2. Hello Pollux ! Great group, as others have said ! Not my center of interest but very interesting to discover. Congratulations.
  3. Oh yes, very nice. The Abschuss list is very rare and interesting ! I have more than a dozen but none with such details.
  4. Nice document indeed ! Interesting to see that he was in France with transit by Paris in april 44, where he got french francs for pay. I don't know why ?
  5. Woh ! Very nice. Such twin documents are incredible ! You were lucky to reunite them.
  6. Interesting doc. He was sent to FJR 6 when that one was removed from Normandie front, before the end of august. 16./FJR 6 was a new Aufklärungs Kp., raised during sommer 44.
  7. Here is a little one, related to a 271.ID Sani during the hard fights south-western of Caen, in second part of july or early august 44. Doc signed by Gen. Lt. Danhauser.
  8. Nice serie. First time I see a KvK 2 Kl. award doc of Maximilian Verlag : I love it.
  9. Oh, my god ! Impossible to find a nicer one
  10. Nice thread with great photos. Pollux, yours with mosquée in background is spectacular : near a "photo souvenir" in fact ! And I love the cossack one... Here is one I like very much, even if it damaged : related to an artillery Lt who fought in Festung Brest between august and mid september 44. Second photo was not on the Sb. And unfortuntaly sold separatly, so now in an unknow collection and country.
  11. Very rare ! Congrats. Your comment is true, but if doc itself is beautiful, its better, isn't it !