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    All documents related to Lw and Heer units who fought in Britany, Normandy and northern France between 1943 and 44.
  1. 91 Luftland Division

    There is no strict impossibility to be an american POW number, written without its "31 G" serial index. Its not common, it's true, but it can exist. IMO, this 810.... number can be a french one. Not sure, of course. Others allied also used a numering comparable but without any index. During sommer 44 and later, their registration number are hard to distinguish.
  2. 91 Luftland Division

    Yes, nice Sb. The entry on page 19 is very interesting. The number written on p. 1 an little paper is without any doubt a POW number. So ?
  3. Nice one indeed, with nice photo.
  4. Nice indeed. The lot of letters is impressive.
  5. Hello all To continue this nice thread : A classic variant for an Ofw. of 363.ID, awarded at the beginning of september 44, by Gen. Dettling. This NCO was badly wounded on 8 august 44, so he won the EK 1 during the first week of involvments of his division in southern area of Vire, in Normandie.
  6. Interessant find, with indeed a lot of potential of profit for some, I remember the case of the box with papers of SS Div. "30 Januar", found in the 90's. Where exactly, I don't remember : Halbe ? Here, the two boxes are the same one : exactly same damages on paint. I hope that one researcher will keep informations or copies of all the papers before they will be separated, like Doug Nash did with the Füs.Kp. 272 lot. His book is the reference book for 272. VGD.
  7. Very nice. Good luck for your archiv research...
  8. Great thread ! Congratulations. Very interesting indeed. Interesting to see that men of StabsKp. could take part in fights.
  9. Yes, interesting ! First time I see such papers.
  10. Hello Pollux ! Great group, as others have said ! Not my center of interest but very interesting to discover. Congratulations.
  11. Oh yes, very nice. The Abschuss list is very rare and interesting ! I have more than a dozen but none with such details.
  12. Nice document indeed ! Interesting to see that he was in France with transit by Paris in april 44, where he got french francs for pay. I don't know why ?