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  1. Thank you very much for your reply, Chip. That is very helpful. "50th brigade." "I am inclined to agree with your choice of the men according to age. I notice too that some of their hats have different pins on them. Any idea what the ropes mean that some are wearing? Thanks again.
  2. Just realized I am in the wrong forum. So sorry. Regards Ann
  3. Hello, My German Great-grandfather Peter Gernsheimer sent this WWI photo postcard to his daughter and her husband. On the back is a short note. The following is the best translation I have been able to obtain. There are a couple of words we can not figure out. . I am assuming (maybe wrongly) that this is the 50th division. Sadly I do not know which of the men he is. I know that he was 55 y/o and married at the time he wrote it. Can anyone identify what this photo might be about. I read that this division was formed in 1915 the same year that this was written and sent. The uniforms sure look all new. Can anyone direct me toward a roster of this unit and a synopsis on what this division might have done. Are there other photos of this division out here somewhere that I might search. Peter Gernsheimer (1860-1935) lived in Worms his entire life. Total novice here on military history. Any help is appreciated Postcard translation: To Philipp Kramer Worms Neuhausen Kirchgasse Sibret 6/14/1915 Dear Philipp and Kathe, I send you this picture of me. I let it make in …. but it is not so nice as in Worms. Dear Philipp and Kathe I wish you are in good health and I hope to see you soon. Hearty greetings from your father...