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  1. LRRPS

    Show us your Best of 2017 !

    Also got a few British groupings this year, but sadly none came with the awards. Here are my two favourites. First one to John C. B. Ellis, awarded an immediate MC for actions in Italy on 9-12th October 1943 Second to Denis H. Donovan, awarded an immediate MC for actions in North Africa 20th April 1943
  2. LRRPS

    Show us your Best of 2017 !

    Very nice British gallantry groups.
  3. LRRPS

    Show us your Best of 2017 !

    Very nice, Richard. Do you know if he survived the war or not?
  4. Very nice collection, would like to see the campaign shields too
  5. LRRPS

    Show us your Best of 2017 !

    No idea, but I can ask a contact who served with him in Vietnam if he knows anything.
  6. LRRPS

    Show us your Best of 2017 !

    Got several nice items this year, but my favourite is the grouping to Charles B. Morris, decorated with the Medal of Honor on December 14 1967 for actions in the Republic of Vietnam, 29 June 1966. On that day, 12 members of his platoon where killed in action southeast of Xuan Loc. Their names are inscribed upon the wall, and are listed below. May they rest in peace SGT Albert R. Potter, Browns Mills, NJ SP4 Jesse C. Felder, Jersey City, NJ SP4 Frederic W. Fritts, Beaumont, TX SP4 Richard L. Hido, Painesville, OH PFC Malcolm C. Berry, Hartford, CT (medic, HHC with A/2/503) PFC John J. Berthel, New York, NY PFC Robert M. Bowman, Wilmington, DE PFC Frank Graves, Washington, DC PFC Tommy R. Jones, Nashville, NC PFC Leslie R. Smith, Indianapolis, IN PFC Francis G. Stevens, Ellsworth, ME PFC Paul J. Surette, Holbrook, MA
  7. Nice tunics, and an interesting area to learn more about. I see the officer have ribbons for a West Wall and "Romanian Crusade against Communism."
  8. Award docs. Two different for the EKII, and his named is spelled wrong on the latest of them. All for the night, more tomorrow. Thanks for looking!
  9. Early HJ leistungsabzeichen, # 341. DLRG grundschein + cloth insignia in paper bag (named) Newspaperclipping EBS Document from Kübler, celebrating the victory over France Notice to his father over the retunr of the wehrpass
  10. Got this a few weeks ago. Hans Griesmayer voluntered for service as a reserve officer candidate in Gebirgs-Jäger-Regiment 99 on 5th november 1937. In october 1940 he was promoted Leutnant. He took part in the campaign against France, Balkans, served on the eastern front from the start of the campaign until his division was pulled back for rest / refitting in april 1943. 1. Gebirgsjäger - Division was then used mainly against partisans in Serbia, Montenegro and Greece until september 1944, when the Red army started it's Belgrade offensive. On the 17th of Ooctober, Hauptmann Griesmayer was commanding III. Batt. / Geb.Jäg.Rgt. 99. He was tasked with being the rearguard for his division trying to break out of russian encirclement. Mission accomplished, but just as he got is orders to pull out on the 18th, he was hit by artillery west of Mt. Avala close to Belgrade and instantly killed. For this, he was awarded the Ehrenblattspange des Heeres (PM) on 15.12.1944.
  11. Vaguely! Nah, still miss it. The grouping is full of history.Sadly, no way to keep everything.