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  1. Hello everybody, I have finished a new book. Maybe it's of interest for someone. This time it is not a book specifically about a particular weapon, but an overview of the SMG developments from the beginnings to 1945. The titel created by the publisher "from 1939" is unfortunately a bit misleading, because earlier SMGa are also included. The reader will find submachine guns like the Erma SMGs, MK 36 II, MP 42 SS, Volkssturm MPs, Hellriegel, Villar Perosa, OVP, Berettas, TZ-45, Suomi M/31, ZK 383, PPD, UD M 42, Mors 39 , Orita, Austen etc. Hardcover with 128 pages and numerous photos. Attention: Language is GERMAN only !!! The book is now available directly from me at eMail: GGBuch @ web.de And I can sign it if you like 😉 The prices inclusive shipping are: Germany: 22,00 Euro Europe (EU): 26,00 Euro Rest of the World: 32.00 $US With best wishes Michael
  2. Hi, I know this book ... I have helped Darrin with the German documents for his book ;-)
  3. Hello, I'm working on a publication about the German last ditch Volkssturm rifles. Some time ago I got a small and blurred digital photo showing a VG1 rifle that is marked with the maker's code "tme" (hard to read), but unfortunately I could not yet find out where this rifle is located today. So I want to ask if someone of you knows a VG1 with marking "tme". Thanks and best wishes Michael http://codebuch.jimdo.com/bücher-books/