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  1. Bill T.

    Schlacht am Wolchow

    Nice Bart. Here are a couple pics I can add from the Wolchow front 1942. Like stated above, Mosquito nets were key.
  2. Here is a death card of a Gefreiter wearing the Croatian "Ante Pavelic Silver medal for Bravery". Issued to Croatians and foreign soldiers who fought alongside Croatians in battle and showed acts of bravery. This soldier was killed during the battle of Praha "Praga", an Eastern suburb of Warsaw, across the Vistula.
  3. The Ludwig Cruwell - Gunther Angern KC ceremony photo is mine (2nd in). I don't know where you got a photo of it without watermark, but don't appreciate it posted without one. As a matter of fact I am trying to sell this photo, and it's things like this that draw people away from wanting to purchase it.
  4. Bill T.

    Visor Cap Portraits

    One of my Favorite photos of my collection, possibly. Totenkopf man on left. An SS StuG Cloth visored Crusher on right. Not sure if the visor is black or if it is covered in grey cloth?? Also note the metal eagle bent to fit the crushed style. If I could own only 1 piece of headgear for life, it would be that crusher.
  5. Bill T.

    Visor Cap Portraits

    Heres a cool one.....A Visor cap with odd insignia. Turns out, a fellow collector PM'ed me and said he believed he owned this cap, or these were made by a Dutch Tailor. The wreath insignia was directly sewn to the cap band. Pretty neat. Taken in Limbach, Germany.
  6. Bill T.

    Show us your Legion Condor Tank Badge photos

    Here I can contribute Is a LCTB / Spanienkampfer holder's field grave at Duderhof, Leningrad, 1941. He was Hauptmann Hans Joachim von Falckenberg, commander of 7./Pz Rgt. 1. Here is his grave until it could be moved to a more proper burial site. The Grave photo is mine (currently for sale, unfortunately) The 2 others are from a friend/collector LuckyStrike23's beautiful collection
  7. Hi Eric, nice POW photo of Rasp, interned at a British POW camp Here is a photo from my collection of him w/ 3rd GJ Div in 1943.
  8. Next is a rare one.....to a Valentin Consdorf who started in a Grenadier Regiment, and died while a Forestry-Anwarter! He died in July of 1944. His family wrote a nice message on the card..... P/S - check out the Forestry uniform!
  9. Awesome guys! Eric, that is really cool that he offered Klaus his Walther back. Incredible. He must have been shocked after all of those years. Really a great story that I thoroughly enjoyed! Loved the Max Busch story as well. Joe, you have some very nice KM Sterbebilds as well. I Like the Anton Bergbauer one... Here is one from Panzergrenadier Division Grossdeutschland He was KIA in Novemeber 1943 when the Division was in the Krivoi Rog area. Josef Hertel was only 19 years old.
  10. Wow, you were very lucky to be able to reunite these portraits. I recently had the same luck too Bryant. Love it when that happens! Beautiful portraits
  11. Oh wow, okay. I read the action report, but didnt find much info on the survivors themselves. Very interesting. I really wish you got the chance to speak to the last survivor, that would have been great. I wonder if a US Navy man had the opportunity to pocket the disc, without it ever being recorded? Makes me even more curious as to how the disc ended up in the States. In my opinion, this is why alot of us collect.....to help preserve history...even down to the personal level. Love it!
  12. While Im here, I will share this grouping to: Oberleutnant Werner Haringer of StuG Abt 203 He was killed in the Rzhev salient.......specifcally the 2nd Rzhev-Sychevka Offensive Operation (Operation Mars) on November 30, 1942. Operation Mars was to be planned concurrent with Operation Jupiter, which was to attack along the Moscow-Vyazma highway. Werner died in a Field Hospital in Sytschewka, where his body is still presumed to be.
  13. WOW Eric!! What an awesome find, both times. I think it must be Fate that brought the death card to you. And like you, I do believe that it is almost gauranteed to be his death card. The date of his death matches the date of the sinking of U-67 as well. A perfect match. Truly an awesome find for you. Another possible scenario with the dogtag would be that one of his komrades snapped half of it off Benedikt's body for proof of death, and had it with him when he was rescued? Number of possibilities, but an interesting grouping indeed. Thanks alot for sharing this group. Makes you wonder if these 2 items were ever together after the war, or is this the first time they have been united??
  14. Absolutely beautiful Kevin! A real stunner. Congrats and thanks for showing it to us
  15. A card to Josef Reeb of Panzer Regiment 8. He was part of Rommels Afrika Korps and died in the battle of Tobruk in Libya. He was wounded on May 2, 1942 and died 22 days later in Cyrenaica.