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    Historical items ranging from ancient to WWII
    Mostly wwi and ii but also older 18th and 19th century. Ancient Roman
  1. Neil H

    1915 Brodie?

    Yeah I figured $10 for this example was a good deal! Here's a shot of the chin strap lug:
  2. Neil H

    1915 Brodie?

    I will get a close up of those lugs. I figured they were a later wwii modification, you guys have confirmed that, thank you.
  3. Neil H


    Thanks for the warm welcome!
  4. Neil H

    1915 Brodie?

    Im pretty sure that's HH 050
  5. Hello everyone, I recently snapped up what I believe to be a Harrison Bros and Howson Ltd Brodie for a song and a dance, here are a few pics. (Am I correct in my identification?)
  6. Neil H


    Hi All, I hail from Ontario Canada and I have recently begun the segue from military reenactor to collector. After discovering your site and the plethora of info on it, I had to join. The other day I came across what I believe is an early wwi helmet. At $10 CAD I snapped it up without a second thought. I believe it's made by Harrison Bros and Howson Ltd since it's marked HH 050. Cheers for any further info! -Neil H Ps. I'll toss up some pics under the Brodie section once I figure out how!