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  1. Hi Richard I have my own Website Watling Militaria. Thanks for the offer but my collecting days are nearly over. Cheers Malc
  2. Thanks for your input Richard The NCO and Officers Eagles came from a reputable collector and are in mint condition I know the story were they came from but I just wanted others opinions before I move them on. Cheers Malc
  3. few more and thanks for any corrections or info Cheers Malc
  4. Hi Guys looking for some expert advice on these trade badges as to originality I am waiting for a uv light to arrive but thought I would run them pass you guys first. Cheers Malc
  5. Here are the backs, no maker on the button
  6. cheers Lou I will take it apart and show the backs of the insignia in due course. Malc
  7. Could some kind Member tell which regiment this boards belongs to please. Many thanks Malc
  8. Very nice Graham a very rare and short lived helmet plate, glad it went to a good home. Malc
  9. Hi Bart Is it possible to have a section where members can put items they are suspect of being genuine so other members can help. I ask this as I have put 3 caps up in the inn area asking if they are genuine or not but have had no replies and only 15 looks. Many thanks
  10. Guys not my area but would very much like to know if these Head dress are Genuine or not. Thanks in advanced. Malc
  11. Hello Mac I am sorry but I only have a 1915-1937 Officers cap badge, What you need is a bronze double headed eagle with no scroll i only have the bronze collar badges Malc.
  12. Thank you Graham, still many more to collect :)