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  1. Boparama

    Hello everyone from sunny side of Spain

    Got some original documents, photos and original "Tottenkoft" pin. right on time I will post over here some pics to share and of course ask extra information . .
  2. Thanks for the add, and greetings from sunny side of Spain. Looks this forum its the right place to exchange information and learn more n more about WW2 etc. Where I live still possible to find ww2 vets from all sides... well no japs actually, mostly tommies n jerries so from time to time I find some memorabilia here or there. My grand father was a veteran grenadier with the belgian army at the great war (1914-1918) so Im trying to retrace and find out more about him, after all he got a "Croix de guerre" for bravery, too bad he was too old and I was too young to learn the time we share. So Hi every one again . Rob.